The Movement announces new album

We are pleased to announce the release of The Movement’s newest album titled, Golden, due out on April 8th, 2016. This will also be the first release on the Rootfire Cooperative, a not-for-profit record label that is owned and managed by artists and strongly promotes the reggae, roots, and dub genres. The Movement is currently working with Rootfire to present the artwork for their sixth studio album through a unique social media campaign that gets the fans involved. Lead vocalist/guitarist, Joshua Swain, explains the idea behind the artwork, “the lines come together, forming a ‘golden heart.’ Having a pure heart and good intentions are the key to finding your place in the largeness. In the artwork, the world is tilted on its side, telling the viewer to try and see things from a new perspective”.

“Having a pure heart and good intentions are the key to finding your place in the largeness”

The track “Dancehall” off their new album, featuring Mr. Williamz, was released February 22nd on where Swain also talks about where the inspiration for album came from.  This song is the perfect sneak-peak for getting fans excited for the rest of the album. Swain emphasizes, “We want the fans to listen to this record feeling connected, knowing that they are just as much a part of the music as we are”. Starting in mid-March the band will be taking their feel-good reggae rock music on The Golden Hearts Tour through July with supporting acts from Iya Terra and the Wheeland Brothers. This tour will definitely have the west and east coasters on their feet and dancing. For more information and tour dates visit The Movement’s website

The Movement – Golden

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