Tips to help your trip at Same Same But Different 2022

Tips to help your trip at Same Same But Different 2022

It’s almost here! Time to bust out your camp gear and your party pants as we enter the single digit countdown to Same Same But Different Festival 2022! After experiencing four days of pure bliss in last year’s installment, I knew that this was a festival I never wanted to miss!

Now that I have gotten a taste of what SSBD has to offer, I feel ready to go for the three-night campout at Lake Perris State Park in southern California next weekend. And, uhm… this lineup! Holy bangers, Batman! Chromeo, Griz, Tipper, The Glitch Mob, Vulfpeck, The Floozies… it just goes on! If you’re gearing up to head out, I have some tips and tricks that a first-timer may not consider.

Take it from me… let’s talk details. 

Photo cred: Kristy Rose

Bring shade

So far, the weather is forecasting the SoCal usual — hot, dry and sunny! Having an easy-up or some sort of shade at your campsite will seriously elevate your comfort at the camp. It also makes it easier to sleep in if you are tent camping, because once that sun hits the tent, it becomes an oven. If you like to sleep in (especially after a night of raging till the wee hours), it sounds like putting an easy-up over your tent is right for you! I also highly suggest either getting a pop-up that comes with sides to block the sun or my personal solution is to use tapestries; it’s more of a vibe, you know? 

Photo cred: Kristy Rose

Arrive early, set up camp, THEN go!

Because, setting up a tent in the dark is never ideal. Speaking of the dark, you’ll want to make sure you have a flashlight and/or lantern that is NOT your phone! Remember folks, we’re camping and you’ll want to be able to see your campsite when you get back at night. Who wants to rely on their phone flash all around the festival? If you are NOT camping with your vehicle, I highly recommend bringing some sort of wagon to help you transport all your camp gear. It’s also a good idea to bring extra stakes (to secure your tent and easy-up to the ground). 

Photo cred: Kristy Rose

Get your flair on

Especially if you are coming with a larger group, a totem is a great way to find your fam if you get split up. Plus, they’re just awesome. There’s nothing like a sea full of people with some totems to really add to the show experience. I’ve seen some really insanely creative masterpieces before and I’ve seen hilarious memes on foam boards. All are welcome, all are appreciated. I also highly suggest getting anything that lights up to wear for night time! There’s nothing like dancing the night away to The Floozies with some light-up jewelry (thanks, Amazon). 

Photo cred: Franny Kovacs

Pack the important stuff

Finally, don’t forget your tickets, parking passes, VIP upgrades (with a cool zone, shaded seating, air conditioned bathrooms and an upgraded seating/viewing experience… it’s a must!!) and your SUNSCREEN! Three days of swimming in the lake and dancing in the sun will require lots of applications of sunscreen! The official festival map and daily lineup with set times are available on the festival’s website and social media accounts, but make sure you screenshot these before you head in! You DON’T want to be late for that midnight Griz set at the Same Same Stage. See you there!

Photo cred: Franny Kovacs

Top Shelf curated SSBD 2022 playlist:

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