WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Karaboudjan “Upside Down”

WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Karaboudjan “Upside Down”
Photo cred: Oscar A.

Karaboudjan, the moniker of a side project for Tycho‘s own Billy Kim, resurfaces with another single off his upcoming EP! Following the release of “Scatter” and the second to come after his debut EP in 2021, IMAGO, Karaboudjan shares “Upside Down” today only on Top Shelf Music before it hits all digital outlets tomorrow!

Quilted with psychedelia and distortion, “Upside Down” transports the listener into the unknown.

After a full minute of instrumental intro, Karaboudjan emerges from kaleidoscopic sound to provide some curious ethos. “Does it all come crumbling down?” The artist asks. Are we all just in a state of descent? “Are you with me or are you not?” What to do when you fall down the rabbit hole… “just hold me even closer and bring me back to you,” Karaboudjan pleads.

With enticingly soft vocals and echoing chords providing an ethereal feel, reminiscent kind of Tame Impala (among others), this calming new Karaboudjan anthem continues the solo artist’s reputation for greatness. We can’t wait for the full EP!!

World premiere of Karaboudjan’s “Upside Down” single:

Cover photo by Oscar A.

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