Tomorrows Bad Seeds comments on new single, “Surf Trip”

Tomorrows Bad Seeds comments on new single, “Surf Trip”

Reggae-rock-meets-hip-hop band Tomorrows Bad Seeds have had quite a career since their formation nearly two decades ago and they aren’t anywhere near done yet! Following a year of touring, TBS celebrates by premiering their latest jam “Surf Trip” on all digital outlets and ending the year in style.

We wanted to chat about such a catchy track (as well as what comes next)…

We wanted to chat about such a catchy track (as well as what comes next), so we asked frontman Moi Juarez his thoughts. Good thing he had a lot to talk about, especially moving into next year with their Punk Rasta Party Tour!

We are loving the new acoustic single! Can you comment on the writing behind this song?

  • Moi: Truth be told, I had no part in the writing process. “Surf Trip” was written by Bo Napoleon, produced and engineered by Chris Irey Garcia, Kenni Bobbi and Chaz Tony. James Bush laid down the out-of-tune slide guitar.
  • One night, I walked into The Dub Shack Studios and heard a song “Surf Trip” that Irey was working on. I heard Bo’s voice and I immediately liked the song and felt a connection to it. So, I called Bo up, asked him what were the plans for the track. Right away, he said you can have it if you want; I was ecstatic, then laid down some vocal changes: a few words, shortened the chorus and added my vocal style to it and here you go — a vibey masterpiece.

Can you provide detail about working with Bo Napoleon, Chris Irey Garcia, Kenni Bobbi and Chaz Tony?

  • It’s always a jam when working with other engineers, producers and writers. I like working with Bo, because it’s really easy to bounce ideas off him and he’s a lyrical mastermind. I didn’t really have any part in the original writing process of “Surf Trip”, though Bo and I have had lots of writing sessions together.
  • We’ve written other songs that we are going to put out together, as well. DJ Irey & Kenni Bobbi and The Dub Shack Studios have a great ambience and a great vibe; it’s always really inviting when you’re in there — everybody has positive energy. It also makes it really easy to work and create. There’s no blockage; it’s just free-flowing… creativity and creation.

What was a highlight during the track’s production?

  • This song was fully produced when I first heard it and although I like the full production of the song, we stripped away the layers and just left the acoustic vibe to it.

Who did you share the single with first and what was their reaction?

  • I shared the song with (Tomorrows Bad Seeds guitarist) Matthew “Mets” McEwan first. He loved it and thought it was rad that Bo blessed us with the song.

How are you guys feeling about hitting the road soon? We are so excited to see the upcoming tour rundown!

  • The band is stoked to hit the road with Tunnel Vision, The John Dank Show and Pacific Roots. We have a lot of new things we’ll be doing, from VIP meet-and-greets to intimate acoustic sessions. We also added a whole new line of merch for our fans to rock. You can definitely count on us bringing our high-energy live set to every show we have along the coast on our pacific northwest run for our Punk Rasta Party Tour 2020! Third eye vision, here we come — terrorizing Babylon systems! 
  • Last, but not least, we would really like to thank our team — you know who you are. You all are very special to us and to all our friends, fans and family, for all the support throughout the years, we know that without you guys, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish this. If you’re trying to live out your dreams, don’t give up, because dreams don’t work unless you do. LIFE IS THE MISSION, LOVE IS THE MESSAGE. R.I.P. Toko Tasi. Peace out!

For more information, please visit the links below and make sure to check out the new single “Surf Trip”, out now!

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