#BlackLivesMatter playlist on Top Shelf Spotify

#BlackLivesMatter  playlist on Top Shelf Spotify

Contentious clashes between police and protestors have intensified over the past weekend, as people of all colors and creeds speak out on the inhumane and incorrigible death of George Floyd. Following Floyd’s death, there has been a litany of marches around the United States — all justified, most ending in violence. Some police officers join the peaceful demonstrations down freeways and surrounding state legislative offices; some clutch tighter to their batons in fear. For this fight is as old as this country itself.

Why have we not learned from past hardships, past wars, past hatred?

Top Shelf Music supports the Black Lives Matter movement in saying it is time to unite one and all. This is the UNITED states of America and it’s dire time we start acting like it. Opportunists might be turning peaceful protests on behalf of George Floyd into looting crime sprees, but we the people stand strong for equality, love and acceptance for everyone.

Let us not bow our heads in defeat — let us ring in the new world! To show our support for those on the front lines, we have constructed an inspiring #BlackLivesMatter Spotify playlist to listen to in these darkest of times. Music heals all. Please refrain from destroying local businesses serving the community as you march for justice; please remember that love conquers all; please stay safe in your efforts.

This #BlackLivesMatter playlist spans all eras and all genres from black artists around the world. From the blues and jazz to conscious rap to roots reggae, we believe this soundtrack can help guide our struggles today forward in a positive light. Enjoy ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏻

Photography by Sean McCracken

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