Tribal Theory turns up the heat in “Midnight Getaway” single

Well-balanced, genre-hopping bands are the best. Bringing a little hip hop, a little reggae and a little of everything else in between, San Diego band Tribal Theory pleases almost everyone, standing as a staple paving the way to the future of music. No exaggeration, Tribal Theory is the real deal. After the band's formation in 2005, the TT boys have racked up awards for their recorded releases one after the other, including “Best World Music Album of the Year” at the San Diego Music Awards in 2013. World music, you speculate? Yes, their diverse sound can even fit into that category.

Following a few lineup changes, the band is stronger than ever…

Following a few lineup changes, the band is stronger than ever, evidenced in the latest single “Midnight Getaway” that dropped on all digital outlets officially today. The song incorporates smooth rhythms, singalong lyrics and enough attitude to last all night (and then some). To women all dolled up at night with nowhere to go, why don't you ditch your absentee BF for a little debauchery Tribal Theory style. Hop in the whip for a “midnight prowl”, cruising top down and all out into the early hours, leaving your inhibitions in the dust. This snooze you lose, live-in-the-moment vibe is accentuated with Tribal Theory's signature easy-on-the-ears RnB harmonies, as well as the funky hip hop beat backing this bump-and-grind late night jam. The Tribal Theory boys aren't too devilish though, claiming “I ain't tryin' to serve up some controversy”; they're just taking advantage of being in the right place at the right time if the opportunity presents itself. So, question is, will you allow it? “It's the weekend” after all… indulge away, ladies. You know you want to.

Joining Tribal Theory on the track is Jeff Bernat and Rob $tone to generate the perfect blend of synth and substance. “Midnight Getaway” is currently climbing the online charts and is available to stream via the links below. With such a banging single right off the bat after a slight band hiatus, fans of Tribal Theory are eager to hear what's next. Another album? A summer tour? To be the first to know what's up Tribal Theory's smooth-talking sleeve, keep your eyes on

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