We talked music with Orlando metal band, Kill the Sound

We talked music with Orlando metal band, Kill the Sound

Here we go, female-fronted heavy metal band Kill The Sound from Orlando, Florida is rising and delivering some of the darkest, and brutal metal. I was scouring the web and fell upon this metal collective and was amazed to see a powerhouse female dominated group.

The band’s relentless push into this maddening metal industry has resulted in the band’s successful climb to the top. Well known in Orlando and throughout the Central Florida metal music scene, Kill the Sound continued to exceed all expectations with their diligence to create their own sound on their own terms.

Kill the Sound has played sold out shows at House of Blues and The Haven in Orlando, Florida. While continuing to build a concrete fan base, Kill the Sound, has shared the stage with artists such as Sainthood Reps, ADEMA, Silver Snakes, Psychostick, Black Tide and OTEP. 

This music is very addictive. Personally, I’ve had the “Hung Out to Dry” music video on repeat for weeks. The metal fused with hardcore, new metal sound hits metal lovers just right. I foresee them on a huge tour soon. The music and stage presence is dominating the scene without question. They’ve got it. 

Top Shelf Music fancied a chat with Kim Acoustic (lead vocalist). Read on to learn more.

What inspired you to play?

  • Kim: We are all musicians, we don’t have a choice, but to play. This is not a choice for us, it is a lifestyle.

Tell us about your latest music. What do you have going on?

  • One of our videos “Commotion”, you will see that we are all zombies…this was a period of time that we had all decided our lives were to busy to continue with the band. You see Kim waking up in the video to a shaman playing a song in her headphones. This is symbolism of the song that she dreamed about…this song basically drove her so mad, she had to contact all her band members again and re-start the project. As the video progresses you see Kim running through alleyways, playing the song through her headphones for other zombie band members, who, after listening to the tune, “wake up”. What does this mean? That without music, we are in a zombie-like state. Music is what ultimately wakes us up and makes us feel alive again.

What has been the most inspiring experience so far touring /playing shows?

  • It is hard to choose one experience over another. Our latest tour to Savannah, helped us unite, get inspired, and brought us together as a group. It also helped us overcome individual hardships. Going to the studio helps us tighten up our product and our skills. The combination of things is what enhances all aspects of our lives and performances.

Any upcoming songs in the works?

  • Yes, we are actually working on a new sexy tune called “Erase Her”. We are hoping to record a music video in April for it and will be going to the studio around March.

Where do you record?

  • Our bass player, Madison is our new producer/sound engineer. Prior to that we used to record with our good friend and producer Matt Johnson.

What is your female perspective in the music industry?

  • It is 10 times harder for women to make it in this industry. People don’t take you as seriously when you are a female and the manager of a band or if you are putting shows together or if you are the producer of your music. Every big show we’ve played, we’ve had to put together ourselves. Very little help has been offered to us in all these years. Other female bands have not been very supportive to us either. They see us as competition, rather than allies. It is quite frustrating, but also very empowering to be able to pull through all these extra challenges.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  • Making music… it is unavoidable & unexplainable.

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