What does ‘KAABOO’ stand for?

What does ‘KAABOO’ stand for?

With August coming to a close, residents of San Diego are readying themselves for yet another temperate-weathered autumn: planning Labor Day get-togethers, hopping on boats and living the high life in true endless summer fashion. Football might be exciting for some, while others are happy to head back to school as pumpkin spice-flavored items wait patiently to hit grocery shelves. All in all, it’s an exceptional time to be in America’s Finest City. One cornerstone of the season is KAABOO Del Mar, celebrating its fifth year around the sun at the Del Mar Racetrack and Fairgrounds this upcoming September 13th-15th, 2019. KAABOO has earned its spot at the top of music festival bucket lists, selling out all four years prior.

Here is what KAABOO stands for in our eyes.

But, what the heck does ‘KAABOO’ stand for? The bizarre acronym has been rumored to be an amalgamation of festival founder names, all taking a letter; another theory is it stems from a combination of ‘Coachella’ and ‘Bonnaroo’. Perhaps the public will never know the answer… but, Top Shelf Music is willing to take a stab at it. Here is what KAABOO stands for in our eyes.

K: Kids too

Unlike other mainstream music events, no IDs are checked at the door and no babysitters need to be lined up for the weekend. Parents, teenagers and children alike are encouraged to enjoy everything KAABOO has to offer. To be fair, the 21+ crowd still needs to bring a photo ID if they want to indulge in the fest’s prime craft cocktails.

A: Artists everywhere

Every festival incorporates art. Whether through onstage live painting artists or full exhibition halls featuring one-of-a-kind items, music performances usually accompany other kinds of artistic expression. Well, KAABOO takes this audio-visual relationship up a notch. All around the grounds, KAABOO attendees can witness giant art installations manifest from start to finish. KAABOO Del Mar prominently displays art from around the world, as well as local vendors, in an air-conditioned facility next to the Humor Me Stage… but the best part is, canvas art isn’t the only thing KAABOO brings to the table! In what KAABOO dubs “indulgences”, the festival offers haircuts and shaves for men, makeup and blow outs for women, mani-pedis for all and even IV drips for those sluggish the next day. One vendor, Sniptease Clothing, snips the shirt you’re wearing into art while you’re wearing it! Takes all of two minutes! Even the artists you watch on both musical and comedic stages are walking around, like everyone else. KAABOO eliminates the proverbial backstage curtain.

A: Around the world

KAABOO, once landlocked exclusively to San Diego, has officially branched out this past year. February marked the inaugural KAABOO Cayman festival on the sandy, white shores of Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman, with KAABOO Texas following shortly thereafter in May. Lineups for the second annual of both events have yet to be announced, but one can assume that this migratorial pattern for KAABOO will continue. Where will they go next?

B: BASK section

Whether it’s on the shores of an island oasis, a stone’s throw away from the Pacific Ocean or within an NFL stadium, KAABOO brings the beach. KAABOO attendees (of any of fest) have the option to upgrade their weekend with pool access and cabanas. Cabana boys handling giant palm fronds may be extra. If available at all.

O: Only the best

KAABOO has elevated itself over the years to be synonymous with affluence and luxury. This is your mama’s festival; leave Coachella to the kids. With the wealthy clientele it attracts, KAABOO naturally proffers only the best in the music, art, comedy and cuisine industries in return. Plus, if you weren’t at KAABOO Cayman earlier this year, watching fireworks explode in the Caribbean night sky with your toes in the sand and a drink in your hand is an indescribable feeling.

O: Open to interpretation

Probably the top thing about KAABOO is that it is what you make it. To us, it’s the best weekends of the year — whether in San Diego, Texas, the Caribbean or beyond. But, to others, it might be where you met a whole crew of new friends. Where you and your significant other danced the nights away. Where you finally got to see your favorite band. KAABOO is the ultimate choose your own adventure, simply because there is so much to do! Wander around while you’re inside… you might uncover a hidden roller rink, a free hot air balloon, an enclave of beach chairs or a silent disco. You might rub elbows with a celebrity, you might stumble upon an artist pop-up. The possibilities are endless once inside the gates of KAABOO, so might as well make it what you want.

With one month to go, now is the time to get your passes for the 5th Annual KAABOO Del Mar! For more information, visit the links below.

Festival links: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Website

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