Rising Tongan hip hop artist out of Reno, Teez, premieres his third single off his impending debut album R.E.N.O (Real Everything No Ops), out September 27th via Mensch House Records. Following two successful rap tracks, “Lit Bae” and “Murda”, Top Shelf Music is proud to release “Buggy”, a self-inflicted battle of the senses following a night of too much consumption. Let’s face it, we’ve all been down that rabbit hole…

Teez contemplates existence on an altered plane in “Buggy”, accompanied by heavy bass lines and unearthly keys. Synth and distortion disillusion the listener right off the bat and lyrics like “I’m seeing fairies… guess my crazy and liquor don’t mix” helps set the scene. Teez continues to slip and slide down a self-inflicted substance-abuse spiral, resulting in split personality. Is Teez there? Can “Teez come forward”? That past self is gone, evident in the affirmation “he’s dead now” halfway through the track. Not only is Teez slowly descending into madness, but the track itself goes a bit batty. The lyric tonality dips deeper and deeper, gradually gaining bass until the very end.

“I was drunk when I made this song,” Teez admits.

“I was drunk when I made this song,” Teez admits. “I was drunk and by myself in the studio. I was talking to myself and was like, ‘yo, you’re talking to yourself’, so I said I’m going to talk to myself on a record. Everything that was going through my mind I rapped about. It felt like different personalities, so I used that and had personalities in my head talk to each other. Don’t know how it happened, but it did. I wrote about 40% of the song and the rest I just freestyled.”

Teez continues, “I remember the next day thinking like what was I doing, [so I] played the record and was blown away by it. I loved it; didn’t re-do anything and left it the way it was. It was a real moment, so I had to add it to the project even though it was far from the idea I even thought of for that beat.”

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