New Jersey-based Latin, reggae, punk threepiece Eastbourne is at it again, with a premiere single off their forthcoming sophomore album Barrio! Get a first taste the band's second full-length project, following their debut No Vacancy album, with “Vida”: a downtempo track with a vibey walking bass, cool guitar chords and enough reverb to have you relaxing like at the beach. “Vida” means life in Spanish (for those who aren't already aware) and this track is about living it to the fullest. Addressing the idea of 'life' as a person, Eastbourne says sometimes “you're up and I'm so down”, like a yin and a yang, but “you are the only one” I've got. You only have one “Vida”, #yovo.

Eastbourne embraces life's challenges with a mellow edge…

Everyone lives life differently and the everpresent rollercoaster that twists and turns you through time is inevitable; buckle up, it's supposed to be a rocky ride! Eastbourne embraces life's challenges with a mellow edge, inferring with instrumentals to stay calm through the storm and remember you always have your friends, your happy place, your music, your choices. Find your own oasis if you're not currently residing in one. Be the first to tune into “Vida” with this Top Shelf Reggae world premiere and catch the band on the road in support of the single starting today!

Catch up with Eastbourne on the road:

  • 7/27 – Thomasville, PA – Racehorse Tavern w/ Never Ending Fall
  • 7/28 – Annapolis, MD – Midsummer Naptown Getdown 2018 at Union Jack's
  • 7/29 – Ocean City, MD – Riptide Pool Bar w/ Higher Education
  • 7/30 – Virginia Beach, VA – TBA
  • 7/31 – Belmar, NJ – Playa Bowls / Coffee Surf
  • 8/2 – St. Augustine, FL – TBA
  • 8/4 – West Palm Beach, FL – E.R. Bradley's Saloon w/ Vibes Farm
  • 8/6 – Greensboro, NC – Matt Irie Presents “REGGAE MONDAYS” at The Blind Tiger

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Tour dates for eastbourne

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