Zahira releases “Mystic One” single

I was surprised when I pressed play, shocked even, confused how a young lady reigning from Canada could sound so 'grassroots' and earthy. Residence aside, pleasure quickly ensued as I tuned into Zahira's new single “Mystic One”. I was baffled by the sound. I kept listening for what seemed like forever. I still could not wrap my head around her compassionate performance, strong vocals, her earthlike flow, forward-thinking and her precision that makes one yearn for more. And imagine, she is just beginning her career…

As she stands strong through her lyrics, ambient like a true lioness…

As she stands strong through her lyrics, ambient like a true lioness, I paid close attention. She carries with her a very strong voice of environmental change; almost a responsibility mixed with all the power we all have, we need to love ourselves. This track leaves you smiling and mellow. Zahira is an extremely uplifting singer, writer, songbird and individual. Be on the look out for Zahira, for she going nowhere but up! “Mystic One” is now available on all digital outlets and for more on Zahira, visit

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