WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Among Criminals “60,000 Messages”

WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Among Criminals “60,000 Messages”

The punky, dubby Philly-based band Among Criminals is back with new music! Blending turn-of-millennia alternative with Jamaican rhythms, Among Criminals gained a fast following with their debut self-titled album in 2012, which spurred anticipation for their sophomore album to drop the following year entitled The Break, leading to their latest Kill The Precedent in 2017 — all boasting an unforgiving tonality and political overtones. Among Criminals might be a three-piece, yet they are far from limited in sound.

With their fourth release Darker Sweetness advertised for August of this year, Among Criminals is gearing up for launch with singles galore. The EP will feature the premiere single, “If You Don’t Die Too Soon”, that hit digital airwaves last month to critical acclaim. But, the band isn’t stopping there! Top Shelf Music is proud to host the second single off the forthcoming EP, “60,000 Messages”, premiering live today before its official release Friday, July 19th!

Among Criminals detects shady business unlike any other and criminals of the heart are of no exception.

“60,000 Messages” insinuates sadness right from the start, with muted trombones and a dark timbre despite its simple reggae strumming. Lyrics like “I miss the chase” and “you said you’d never let me go” lets listeners know this is far from a love song. The confusion fog that encircles a relationship in the midst of failing makes it hard to see in any direction. Will there be light from this? Eternal darkness? Perhaps this is why the EP is titled the way it is; if another has left you blindsided, switch on your other senses to feel your way out of darkness. Relationships are all an illusion, anyway. The chorus gives momentum to the track, upping the tempo and overall emotion. A trombone solo on the bridge has the listener feeling there’s a calm in the storm. Among Criminals detects shady business unlike any other and criminals of the heart are of no exception.

The single will be available on all digital outlets as of the 19th, but in the meantime, be the first to enjoy “60,000 Messages” via the link below!

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