WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Ghost Rock “Morning Light”

WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Ghost Rock “Morning Light”

Ghost Rock is a new, up-and-coming three-piece soulful roots reggae band from San Jose, California. Consisting of lead singer Vince Gadduang, lead guitarist Nick Santana and drummer Danny Flores, Ghost Rock puts on a high-intensity performance. They have an astonishing sound, amplified by singer Gadduang. Within the first few seconds of seeing them live, the vocals and the sweet guitar skanking make it hard to keep yourself from wanting to groove and dance around.

Top Shelf Music had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Santana about their new single, “Morning Light”, co-produced by Big G Productions and set to be released this upcoming Friday, April 17th:

“For me, the lyrics sum up dealing with adversity and challenges, making the best of [a situation] and learning from the past.”

“Morning Light” sets the band apart from other reggae bands, with its soft, soulful and meaningful lyrics. Santana continued that Ghost Rock gets a lot of their influences from current bands in the reggae scene, such as Common Kings, Iya Terra, Stick Figure, The Green and Likkle Jordee. Ghost Rock also draws special inspiration from local bands they’ve shared stages with over the last few years — such as Kruel Summer, Sunny State, Pacific Roots, Vana Liya and Sama and The Dangerous — and from classic artists (Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Stevie Wonder, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, etc.).

“We definitely have an ‘island element’ in our music, but Jamaican roots reggae is my biggest influence for Ghost Rock,” said Santana.

Be the first to check out the new single “Morning Light” below, exclusively here on Top Shelf Music — 10 whole days before public release! Again, the track goes worldwide on April 17th and for even more of Ghost Rock in the meantime, tune into their latest music video for “Find Your Way” dropped back on March 10th.

Exclusive world premiere of Ghost Rock’s “Morning Light” single:

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