Introducing, Lucid Phase with debut single “Your Island”

Introducing, Lucid Phase with debut single “Your Island”

In a time of turmoil, relaxing world music is the way to go. Let your anxieties subside with a little less on your mental plate. Answering the world call for much-needed R&R is LA-band Lucid Phase, a trio of skilled musicians sharing an affinity for roots reggae, dub and blues music. After much preparation, the band is finally making their recording debut April 4th with lead single “Your Island” (accompanied by an extremely soothing, scenic video out on YouTube same day) off their forthcoming full-length album, The Crop. A band of action, Lucid Phase says this is just the first in a series of singles to drop off the album, leading to its eventual release later this Spring.

And, what a perfect time to do so. This forced quarantine can be a time for creative expression; everyone has finally been handed the time to do projects they’ve placed on the back-burner to everyday life. But, this is simultaneously a time of worry, stress and mood disorders, a result of being cooped up in the house too long, cut away from the rest of humanity. Lucid Phase introduces their “Your Island” single as everyone is proverbially their own “island”. How fitting.

Until we can visit real islands, Lucid Phase has our back.

The song starts ethereal and otherworldly, a perfect soundtrack to the vast landscape overlays throughout the music video. Cyrus Maleki’s soft bubble organ meets Jacob Flack’s indigenous percussion, almost as if Hawaiian reggae and traditional African rhythms had a baby together. Lead singer Garret Laver’s reassuring, steady voice washes over the ear (accentuated even further with reverb) as Flack’s melodica keeps the mood mellow. Everything about this single is an escape. Welcome to “Your Island”: “Open up the door // Of our bungalow beside the shore // We call it home // Take a walk through the garden in this little old beach town…”

The world weighs heavy these days, so Laver suggests “leave my weight behind”, there’s no sense in trying to fight the burden. As we all stay inside, let’s take solace in lyrics that relate like “got no plans today, nowhere to be”. Because, let’s face it, we don’t! Yet, we are not trapped. We shall overcome this quarantine with meditation, positivity and uniting under pressure. Until we can visit real islands, Lucid Phase has our back.

Out everywhere this Saturday, find “Your Island” on all digital outlets as Lucid Phase builds toward their self-produced album each day. For more information on the band or to be the first to know when new music is released, visit the links below.

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4 years ago

beautiful song, beautiful article