WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Jah Sun and The Rising Tide “Rock Paper Scissors”

WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Jah Sun and The Rising Tide “Rock Paper Scissors”

Jah Sun and The Rising Tide returns with the exclusive premiere of “Rock Paper Scissors”, only on Top Shelf Music before it hits digital outlets tomorrow! This single launches the band towards their forthcoming full-length album Running Through Walls in more ways than one, for it kicks off their May tour (yes, we said TOUR, people!), comes with the announcement of another single out June 25th and is accompanied with an incredible music video, to boot! Now that’s a triple-whammy of reggae music if there ever was one.

Sometimes love is like playing “Rock Paper Scissors”… so let’s turn it into some sweet Lover’s Rock.

Jah Sun doesn’t let a girl playing “love games” get him down. In fact, he stands up for himself, saying that he is more than enough to be a qualified lover. “I don’t have a lot of money,” Jah Sun admits, yet he makes up for it in “stories”. Materialistic gain shouldn’t influence relationships; love the person for who they are. Jah Sun comments on the track, “The song title and lyrics throughout are a fun play on words to what would otherwise be a sad love story. We’ve all had someone play with our heart — and, it especially hurts when we’ve fallen for them. ‘Rock Paper Scissors’ is that song, but with our positive, feel good spin on it.” He adds, “It takes the pain of love and turns it into a playful song with clever lyrics. The music takes the mind off the pain and lets it heal as the body grooves to the music. It’s special, because it will help people get past heartbreak and who knows — find someone new to vibe with!”

And, vibe we shall, just click the exclusive premiere stream below. The sweet reggae tune was produced by multi-instrumentalist Jallanzo “Dub MatriXx” and recorded at AMT Studios, now that Jah Sun and The Rising Tide has signed with AMT Entertainment. Running Through Walls is due out sometime this summer off the label, so make sure to watch out for that by following the band’s social media! And, don’t forget, the band brings this tongue-in-cheek love story to life tomorrow with the official video release of “Rock Paper Scissors”, shot on location in Goa, India by Seen Productions. We can’t wait! Last, as said above, the band hits the road through the end of June, giving fans not only a taste of the new album to come, but a taste of live music in general after a year hiatus! To get your tickets now, see the tour dates below.

Exclusive world premiere of Jah Sun and The Rising Tide’s “Rock Paper Scissors” single:

Cover photo by Daniel Singer

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