WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Matt Waters “Impatient”

WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Matt Waters “Impatient”

Cincinnati-based rising singer-songwriter Matt Waters is back in action with the world premiere of his latest soulful single “Impatient”. Funk-infused and full of joie de vivre, Waters encapsulates in a song exactly what everyone wants once the sun goes down — not to wait!

It’s a New Year, a new night out, a new adventure awaits!

Starting slow with innocent keys, “Impatient” quickly ramps up the pace with mischievous attitude and action, similar to a normal night out on the town. Oh, how “the evening escalates” from “zero to 100”, indeed! Add in some friends, some fresh tunes and a dynamic dance floor and you’ve got yourself a night to remember. You only have one life to live, so Matt Waters says you might as well live it to the fullest. Go ahead and let your instincts guide you to a good time!

Top Shelf Music is proud to premiere this lively track today before “Impatient” hits all digital outlets tomorrow on January 7th. Obviously, this is just one release of many to come for 2022 that will bolster Waters’ career ever higher into the industry stratosphere. Be the first to hear “Impatient” via the exclusive link below and don’t forget to follow Matt Waters on social media for more!

Exclusive world premiere of Matt Waters’ “Impatient” single:

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