WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Jus Goodie “At The Moment”

WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Jus Goodie “At The Moment”

California reggae fan favorite Jus Goodie returns with the slammin’ ska-infused single, “At The Moment”, premiering exclusively today on Top Shelf Music before it hits digital outlets Friday, January 7th! And, when we say it kicks, we mean it! With unexpected horns and uptempo choruses that break away from the band’s familiar mellow modus operandi, “At The Moment” is just what you need to kick your New Year up a notch (and, then some!).

Roll the top down, kick your shoes off and twist up a jay — it’s time for a crash course in “living at the moment”.

This world moves so fast. Too fast. It’s time to slow waaaaay down… and Jus Goodie is here to help. “People talking” all around with nothing to say; there’s so much noise circling about, trying to fix yesterday and predict tomorrow. When do we ever relax?! Jus Goodie serenades that the time has come, accompanied with some easygoing guitar riffs… that is, until you hit the single’s whirlwind of a chorus. If you were hanging onto any hesitance to start the party, let this chorus help you throw caution to the wind and live your life to the fullest. First stop? The beach, of course!

Be the first to tune into Jus Goodie’s spirited new single (best with actual spirits!!) via the exclusive link below and make sure to snag the single for your 2022 playlists when it’s available Friday. For more information, visit the links below.

Exclusive premiere of Jus Goodie’s “At The Moment” single:

Cover photo by Dank Street Company

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