WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Qarreo “Dancing in the Rain”

WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: Qarreo “Dancing in the Rain”

Isn’t it always fun to spread your arms wide and twirl around in the rain? Rainfall can be associated with sadness and despair, yet it can also represent a cleansing, a renewal… a much needed reprieve. Qarreo capitalizes on its opportunities in their novel cover of “Dancing in the Rain”, originally by reggae rock band Through The Roots. The duo, consisting of frontwoman AmorĂ© Be and drummer/percussionist Joshua “JB” Benson, primarily falls under a more indie category than reggae although they pull it off well!

“Dancing in the Rain” is exactly what we should be doing, now at the tail-end of such an anxiety-ridden pandemic.

2020 certainly didn’t measure up to anyone’s plans and 2021 is still stuck in its lingering shadow. Despite a tumultuous year (and a half, really), Qarreo rode the wave triumphantly, producing the single “Let Me Stay”, featuring HIRIE guitarist Blaine Dillinger. In it, lyrics spell out how “we danced in the rain together”; what better sister single could there be than a cover of Through The Roots’ dub-heavy “Dancing in the Rain”? Hope and optimism can exist on the horizon, if “life’s a thunderstorm and I’m just dancing in the rain”.

JB comments on the single’s inception: “When AmorĂ© heard it, she related to the lyrics so much and suggested we cover it, especially knowing how much we were vibing over the instrumental — which can’t be improved upon, so we did a different rendition.”

Qarreo’s ethereal cover was brought to life by the help of producer Jon Cunard and is set for public release this Friday, October 1st, 2021. Yet, Top Shelf Music is honored to host two full days of the exclusive sneak peek! Be the first to tune into this uplifting and otherworldly single via the stream below and make sure to pre-save it on all digital outlets!

Exclusive premiere of Qarreo’s “Dancing in the Rain”:

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Samantha Lei
1 year ago

Qarreo’s music is so real and relevant. It gives so much to think about while listening to amazing tunes. I LOVE Qarreo Music!

1 year ago

This is awesome. Very meaningful lyrics and her voice is so angelic. Love them.