Alt rocker Betty Moon talks latest album, ‘COSMICOMA’

Alt rocker Betty Moon talks latest album, ‘COSMICOMA’

Los Angeles-based songwriter and producer Betty Moon has racked up 10 full-length albums since the start of her career, with her latest COSMICOMA out last May. Self-produced in her southern California home studio (with the help of longtime friends and collaborators Justin Smolian and Owen Barry), the album harkens back to her earlier sound, mixing pop with alt rock in a lo-fi, yet utterly addicting manner. Let’s just say these songs will suck you in!

With such lengthy discography under her belt and promise for the future, we had to know more about Betty Moon.

The alternative rock queen continues to make waves in the industry — not only with her sound, but with her production expertise! Ms. Moon agreed to chat with us on her latest projects, how she moved forward in music through the global pandemic and what’s to come.

Congrats on the new album! What was your favorite song to make on ‘COSMICOMA’?

  • BM: Thank you! I’d have to say “My Only One” — the song was a blast to make and brings out a lot of the best in Betty Moon. Listeners who are new to my sound and those who go back a bit will appreciate all the elements of the track, as well. Each song came together in a unique way, but this one just seemed to flow perfectly and got done in about a day. As a creative, we know every piece of work will come together differently, but, sometimes, you get lightning in a bottle and this track really captures that.

How did the global pandemic facilitate or hinder the creation of the album? 

  • Actually, it didn’t hurt things at all. Quite the opposite! I took the opportunity to stay safe at home and get to work making a new album. I was off the heels of another exciting piece of work and decided to make the best of a bad situation that everyone had to deal with somehow. I just buckled down and got into the studio to put together some of my best work to date. I’d say it helped distract from what was going on in the world, honestly; it’s therapeutic and gets me into a headspace to deal with all the uncertainty of the world. I’m sad all these other artists had to cancel tours, etc., but hopefully they used the time to write new music, as well. 

Coming from Canada to LA, how is the recording industry different in your experience?

  • I think the good and the bad come no matter where you live. The music industry in Canada is actually very large and I think, as a whole, they may prioritize artists a little more than in the United States. In LA, where I live and work, I think it’s a bit oversaturated with artists and labels, but they all mean well and are just trying to make things work.
  • Some people demonize the industry, but, ultimately, we are all trying to stay creative and keep a symbiotic relationship going. There will be sharks everywhere and those who try to fast-track the system, but, at the end of the day, a great producer makes great records, a great label puts out quality music and an honest songwriter will speak to the soul with great songs. 

Being that ‘COSMICOMA’ is your 10th studio album, how would you say your sound has progressed since you started making music?

  • I’ve been doing this for a while actually and I think, when I first started, most of my music was rock driven had more of a 90’s vibe. Over the years, I’ve evolved into my own sound and voice, and have stayed creative by adding in textures of electronic, soul and other genres to keep it interesting. Some of it happens by chance and, other times, I really sit down and think about the sound I’d like to have on that next record. Progress would be an understatement… I think I’ve really taken things to a new level with COSMICOMA and other recent albums. 

So, what’s next for you?

  • In the coming months, listeners can expect some new music videos and content to support COSMICOMA. I’ve also been back in the studio working on new material and retooling some ideas that didn’t make it onto recent albums. I like to put out at least something once or twice a year, since I have my own studio and do things on my own terms. In the meantime, check out my latest single “Black Bloods” on Spotify and Apple Music. 😉 

Purchase or stream ‘COSMICOMA’ album:

Betty Moon – “Black Bloods”

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