WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: TreeHouse! “Bring It To The Light”, feat. Nick Sefakis

WORLD TRACK PREMIERE: TreeHouse! “Bring It To The Light”, feat. Nick Sefakis

Progressive roots reggae band TreeHouse! returns with this exclusive world premiere of their latest single “Bring It To The Light”! Produced by and featuring Iya Terra guitarist Nick Sefakis, this dubby roots track illuminates that our current sociopolitical struggles — especially those that surfaced throughout last year — will come to an end only through active communication and acknowledgment.

This is not a time to brush social issues under the rug.

The world is at the beginning of a new chapter coming out of the quarantine… possibly even a new book! If there was ever a time for reform, it’s now. TreeHouse! starts off this call to action with an ultimatum: “don’t get it twisted // rebelling against the system is the only way…”. If you want to incite a revolution, you have to get serious about it. How exactly do we do that? Well, it’s elementary, my dear Watson. The only way to get out of “darkness” is to shine a light on the subject. Pair that to a roots reggae groove, a bubble organ and some sweet reverberating bongos and you’ve got yourself some low-tempo food for thought. Sefakis joins the cause with a rapped lyrical verse leading to the song’s bridge, reinforcing the ideas of peace and to “sing the songs of love”.

TreeHouse! frontman Positive J comments on the collaboration: “Once we got to the West coast, I reached out to Nick Sefakis, because I had been following his solo project releases and his recent producer credits with Sensi Trails and others. I was quite impressed with his work! I knew I had a handful of song drafts that his style would compliment very well. He was so responsive and accommodating, and such an ease to work with that we knocked out most of the song in just five hours. I had some of the lyrics to ‘Bring it to the Light’ for years, so I showed him the riff, he locked onto the vibe and helped me flesh out the entire arrangement effortlessly. The rest of the lyrics channeled through me on the spot.”

Sounds groovy, right? Well, aren’t you lucky to be the first to hear it before “Bring It To The Light” hits all digital outlets tomorrow! Tune in via the link below and make sure to check out more from Treehouse! by following this talented reggae band on social media.

Exclusive world premiere of TreeHouse!’s “Bring It To The Light” single, feat. Nick Sefakis:

Cover artwork by Christopher Morphis (Morphis Art)

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