Dark Side of Light shines in new “Pull My Strings” single

Dark Side of Light shines in new “Pull My Strings” single

With the release of their captivating new single, “Pull My Strings”, indie-alternative music duo Dark Side of Light creatively tackles heartbreak, fear of change and the ever-growing isolation so many people have experienced during this shared global nightmare. An incredibly unique and appealing track, inspired by beats created out of the mind of member Grant Conway, “Pull My Strings” offers a very relatable message that really resonates with the listener and has the power to connect us all during this new ‘normal’.

The fuzzy bass line and crunchy synths — mixed with the formidable backing beat — leaves you with no choice, but to start nodding your head.  

Consisting of California natives Nik Frost and Grant Conway, Dark Side of Light is a model illustration of the renewed and emerging music scene making waves out on the west coast. The way this fresh, tripped-out-folk-hop formation finds a way to counteract the abundance of on-edge, anxiety-filled hours of this new existence we all cohabitate has left listeners wanting… no, needing more! 

Completely tired and totally done with endlessly searching to find that bit of ‘fresh and new’ that Nik and Grant had been after, they decided to… well… make it themselves. The guys burrowed down deep, falling down the rabbit hole of sonic exploration to concoct a unique sound of their own. “We didn’t want to be a traditional band,” says Frost. “So, we started writing from the genesis of beats and rhythm tracks that we thought were cool.” 

With the background these two have, it only makes sense that they eventually were able to create something novel, refreshing and inspiring, like “Pull My Strings”. Being that Conway is a natural drummer with skills for days (as well as being a producer/engineer by trade), paired up against Frost (who is a singer/songwriter/DJ, with a resume as long as anyone’s) who has worked with everyone from Malcolm McLaren to Photek, the combination of their efforts call on melodies, harmonies and mind-altering lyrics, shouting back to everything since the psychedelic ’70s. The end result is trip-hop grooves that will never disappoint. 

As most of the songs originated from the beats, Conway’s playing shines through on every song, while never being pretentious, always staying true to form and never coming off as thirsty for attention. This allows Nik to do his thing with effortless precision and a vibe that comes alive through the speakers. For anyone who listens to those like Tame Impala, Broken Bells and Beach Fossils, you will most certainly be getting down to this fresh new duo! Make sure to experience “Pull My Strings”, which is live everywhere now, as well as the rest of Dark Side of Light’s constantly growing catalog.

Purchase or stream “Pull My Strings” single:

Dark Side of Light – “Pull My Strings”

Cover photo by David Dinwiddie

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