Backbeat Soundsystem’s ‘Into The Light’ review

2016 brings the release of Backbeat Soundsystem’s latest album; Into The Light, which stays true to all the best parts of the genres they dominate. The vocals by both Dean Forrest and Darren Kendall always come back to a distinct UK sound; a mix of reggae rhythms filled with electric, positive vibes.

James Martin has always brought an interesting sound and style to the bass that can travel along any time period’s style in the last 50 years. The muddy bass and synth layers keeps the sound slick regardless of the track. Couple that with drummer Zac Harkavy and the brass of Tom Neale’s musical prowess keeps Into The Light playing late into the night on repeat. The title of the EP Into The Light, is a very personal title for the band. From the band’s experience, the song is inspired by being in a dark place and pushing through it with a fresh positive outlook. 

“We wanted it to feel more mature and refined; more musical.”

Vocalist Dean Forrest enthusiastically states, “From the inception of the record, we wanted it to be a deeper and more experimental project. We wanted it to feel more mature and refined; more musical. I think it really pushes the boundaries of what you can do within the reggae genre. We never just want to recreate what has come before us; we want to do something new and exciting, and I think this collection of tunes is definitely going to give people something to think about.”

The entire EP is chock full of smooth moving, fully funkified reggae. With the strong melodies of the dubby, soul filling track “Falsify” or the dance friendly song “Stick Together” that effortlessly flows lyrics atop a latin style beat, funky rhythm guitar and a jazzy horn section, Into The Light is a short and sweet 25 minute adventure that can easily help carry you through fall with hot summer effects.

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Track listing

  1. So Long
  2. Satellite
  3. Falsify
  4. Stick Together
  5. Into The Light 

Backbeat Soundsystem “So Long” video

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Release Date: October 7, 2016 • Copyright: (C) 2016 Easy Star Records

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