Kellsa ‘Fortaleza’ album review

Kellsa, the Brazilian reggae, rock and pop songstress has been making a huge name for herself not only in the United States, but internationally as well. Kellsa’s latest EP titled Fortaleza is a six track album that represents a soulful and energetic sound that cleverly fuses reggae, ska, and pop rhythms. Part of Kellsa’s infectiousness comes from her widespread and diverse roots. Having worked alongside great talent in Jamaica, Brazil and London opens her up to a multitude of sounds from around the world.

Fortaleza is a powerful and dynamic album that swiftly and calmly puts the listener into an attentive state. This album demands attention. Kellsa has become an architect of sound, using all of her experience and tools gathered over the years to build yet another masterful package of tracks for her audience.

Kellsa has become an architect of sound

The third track on the album titled “Un Beso” is an upbeat, poppy, California summer track to the core, with a super clean and upbeat guitar plucking pattern reminiscent of early 90s alt rock. Kellsa builds the song up into so much more, very quickly. Absolutely perfect for lounging and listening to the waves as much as it is to dance along with. 

Kellsa continues to swoon the listener throughout the album with the incredibly catchy track “Shots of Tequila,” with its crisp production, bursts of vocal intensity and energy. Overall, the album does justice utilizing what the reggae and pop scene has provided without sounding generic, something that is not easy to do.

Fortaleza is the sound of one of the years’s most promising artists taking another giant step toward greatness.

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Track listing

  1. Rise Up
  2. Unbreakable 
  3. Un Beso 
  4. Thankful 
  5. Shots Of Tequila 
  6. My Lion King 

Kellsa “Shots Of Tequila” official video

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Released October 7, 2016

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