Black Veil Brides reveals ‘The Phantom Tomorrow’

Black Veil Brides reveals ‘The Phantom Tomorrow’

Well the day rock fans have been waiting for is finally here! The Phantom Tomorrow by Black Veil Brides is now available for public consumption. Originally coming out on June 4th, 2021, this album got delayed for some reason… But, let’s not try and figure out why it took so long. Instead, let’s talk about the genius of Black Veil Brides and the brilliance of The Phantom Tomorrow.

Released on October 28th, this album is filled with incredible moments.

The title track stands as an “Introduction”, to get you ready for what’s to come. It reminds me of a superhero theme song, like 1989’s Batman. Next up, “Scarlet Cross” is about a cult called The Phantom Tomorrow — this song and video are very well put together. The video introduces the savior, the ‘Phantom’, making one think of this album as a wonderful superhero story.

The track “Born Again” is a song that incorporates everything Black Veil Brides have ever done thus far from the second album Set The World On Fire. “Black Bird” is about our hero of this already great story that Andy and the rest of the gang cooked up for us; it includes Andy’s classic scream, which is always nice to hear. The opening lyrics to this one are some of the best Black Veil Brides lyrics yet! Next comes “Spectres”, which is a nice interlude with some violin. There’s tons of violin on this album! Jinxx is an amazing violin player, no doubt about it. 

Now “Torch”… this one was actually a single first. Everyone pulls their weight on this beautiful, upbeat and melodic song; the opening lyrics are some of my favorites on the album. It wasn’t a bad choice for a single drop! Props to you, Andy Biersack! “Torch” starts out with Andy singing, “Everyday cry out for the pain // Doesn’t matter anymore // If what they say is true and he’s right // It doesn’t matter what the hatters say.” Black Veil Brides are doing what they wanna do and they are amazing at it.

Midway through the album, you’ll find “The Wicked One”, which might be a bit confusing, since you wouldn’t think it to be such a heavy-hitter.

We might have contenders for two of the heaviest songs on the album here, folks — “Blackbird” (about our hero) and “The Wicked One”. The opening lyrics are strong, too: “Make your bed in darkness with your eyes wide shut // A million fact omissions and a sneering trust // You say it’s easy, do you feel safe? // They turn violent and you cave…” Where did these lyrics come from? From a genius’ mind, that’s where.

The eighth track, “Shadows Rise”, feels like a sequel to “Shadows Die” from BVB’s previous Wretched and Divine era — it’s incredibly heavy with the riffs. “Fields of Bone” follows, the second single from this incredibly well put together album. It starts off strong; I had a feeling this was going to be the second single released and, what do you know, it is! It’s an incredible ‘Monday motivation’ type song that can get you amped up while driving to work. “Crimson Skies” then hits you like a punching bag… this is all I’ll say about it, because I don’t wanna spoil anything. It’s heavy one you can put on your workout playlist and go hard in the gym to.

The second to last track, “Kill the Hero”, is the final song that has all sorts of heaviness to it.

I’m not complaining, though. It’s a nice hard-hitting track. This entire album has its moments where you can feel powerful. Last, “Fall Eternal” is considered the ending to part one of our hero’s journey: a nice slow and melodic song that you can just drive at night to. This album is filled to the brim with incredible moments — front to back — and this is only the beginning of our hero’s story. What do Black Veil Brides have in store for part two? Well, I can tell you this, I can’t wait to find out what Biersack and the guys think of next! What is next in store for our hero on this quest? I guess, we will have to wait for part two of this saga to find out.

I give this album a 10/10. It feels like a classic Black Veil Brides album, with some new stuff added, so go listen to this gem now! These are modern day fight songs, so blast this album and show the world you’re not afraid to be a warrior.

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Track listing:

  1. The Phantom Tomorrow (Introduction)
  2. Scarlet Cross
  3. Born Again
  4. Blackbird
  5. Spectres (Interlude)
  6. Torch
  7. The Wicked One
  8. Shadows Rise
  9. Fields of Bone
  10. Crimson Skies
  11. Kill The Hero
  12. Fall Eternal

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8 months ago

Proud of this one let’s hope Andy sees it