Brandon Hardesty of Bumpin Uglies unleashes first single off upcoming acoustic album

Brandon Hardesty of Bumpin Uglies unleashes first single off upcoming acoustic album

Brandon Hardesty, the talented singer-songwriter behind Bumpin Uglies, has graced us with a captivating new acoustic single that shines brightly as a true gem. Some lucky fans had the privilege of hearing “Underdog” while attending a Meet & Greet VIP Session during the Bumpin Uglies Mid-Atlantic Dub Tour, the rest of us had to wait for today in eager anticipation.

Brandon’s artistry is characterized by his ability to express universal themes that resonate deeply with listeners. In the case of “Underdog,” he delves into the music industry, a realm most of us observe from the outside looking in. However, with his skillful songwriting, Hardesty manages to intertwine the struggles faced by both musicians and non-musicians, creating a tapestry of relatable experiences and emotions.

Beyond its thought-provoking lyrics and relatable content, “Underdog” boasts a natural and organic sound that captivates the senses.

Hardesty’s guitar playing is nothing short of phenomenal as he plucks at the strings with fervor, each twang reverberating within the ear and lingering in the air for an extra moment. The precision and strength with which he enunciates each syllable harmonize with the twang of the guitar, creating a sublime combination akin to the perfect cherry sitting atop a sundae— exquisite and delightful.

As the title track of the highly anticipated album, Underdog: The Acoustic Sessions, this visceral and crucial song showcases Hardesty’s musical range as listeners witness first-hand his talent; pouring his heart out in a potent and deeply personal anthem of individuality, integrity, and resilience. Staying true to himself and encouraging others to do the same, Brandon uses his confident voice and raw acoustic sound as an anthem of authenticity and not selling out. “It’s a tribute to all the artists who choose to embrace their passion as a form of art, rather than reducing it to a transactional medium. It’s a celebration of the imperfections that make us beautiful” affirms Hardesty in an interview with Tinnitist.

Set to release later this summer on September 8th, Underdog: The Acoustic Sessions promises to be a remarkable album. Alongside the emotionally charged and stripped-down versions of beloved tracks from fan-favorite albums plus an additional seven new songs eagerly awaiting to be introduced to the masses! These fresh additions to the collection are sure to infuse the album with renewed energy, offering an electrifying experience for listeners eager to embark on this musical journey with Bumpin Uglies.

Don’t worry, I already reviewed it and trust me, the whole album is *chef’s kiss*

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