Kyle Ahern’s “Good Will Come” returns with Rebelution bandmate Eric Rachmany

Kyle Ahern’s “Good Will Come” returns with Rebelution bandmate Eric Rachmany

California based singer-songwriter Kyle Ahern has just released a new version of his hit song “Good Will Come” featuring bandmate Eric Rachmany, frontman of the renowned reggae-rock band Rebelution. The song is a reprised version of Kyle’s original release, which came out in November of 2018. “Good Will Come (Reprise)” is a heartfelt and powerful track that combines Ahern’s enriched sound and vocals paired to Rachmany’s soulful voice.

It’s a cleaner cut to the original, transforming the track into its best version.

Ahern has been performing “Good Will Come (Reprise)” live across North America during the winter of 2022 and early 2023 with a talented group of musicians. The group has included Rebelution band members Zach Meyerowitz (lead trumpet / guitar support) and Eric Hirschhorn (saxophone / keyboard support), and the addition of Rachmany’s vocals and guitar. This group also recently performed the song live at the renowned Sugarshack studio in Florida. Check out the video below!

The song was also performed live with Rebelution at California Roots over this past Memorial Day Weekend—a memorable performance.

The packed crowd swayed and nodded along to Kyle’s prominent song, proving once again the universal appeal of his music. “Good Will Come (Reprise)” will undoubtedly be praised for its uplifting message and inspiring lyrics for years to come, making it a standout track in the New Jersey native’s growing discography. With the addition of Rachmany’s vocals and the support of his talented bandmates, Ahern is quickly gaining recognition as one of the most promising new artists in the industry at 25 years old. 

If you haven’t tuned in already, “Good Will Come (Reprise)” featuring Eric Rachmany is a must-listen for fans of Ahern’s music and the reggae rock genre as a whole. It showcases the power of collaboration and the ability of music to bring people together. Be sure to catch Kyle (and Rebelution) on Reb’s Good Vibes Summer Tour — happening now in a city near you!

Kyle Ahern – “Good Will Come (Reprise)” ft. Eric Rachmany, Live at Sugarshack

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