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Rising up out of Washington D.C, the new Brent & Co. self-titled EP packages their latest tracks that are full of dynamic harmonies while the soulful repertoire is easily and seamlessly incorporated utilizing a multitude of genres such as country, folk, and rock steady reggae.

listening to each and every one of those tunes was extremely satisfying

Exceedingly comforting strings twang from guitarist/vocalist Brent Peterson on “Don’t Even” like he’s exploring the outer boundaries of each genre as the recording tape rolls. Overall, the album creates a warm inviting mood. While the EP only contained six tracks, listening to each and every one of those tunes was extremely satisfying.

It should surprise no one that Brent & Co. sounds wonderful and presents one of the best examples of modern progressive music. The tracks are very much grounded, soothing, and unpredictable, but in a good way. The heart of these songs is seemingly tied to the guitar and horns, which gives the tracks an almost symphonic tone. The songs seem written specifically with live performance in mind, although they still translate well on record.

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Track Listing

  1. A Little Bit Closer
  2. Breakin’ Up
  3. Why Oh Why
  4. Don’t Even
  5. Collected
  6. Let’s Stay Together

Brent & Co. “A Little Bit Closer”

Release date October 30, 2015 • Brent & Co.

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