Bridges Ablaze dive deep into human emotions with latest single, “Heartbroken Angel”

Bridges Ablaze dive deep into human emotions with latest single, “Heartbroken Angel”

It’s been quite a year for Austin, TX based heavy metal outfit Bridges Ablaze. The band, without having played a single show, has grown exponentially in 2023 and it doesn’t look like things are slowing down any time soon. The band is currently poised to make a profound impact with the release of their latest single, “Heartbroken Angel.” As the fourth and final single of their prolific year, the band continues to deep dive into the haunting depths of human emotions, shedding light on a dark and urgent issue. Accompanied by an emotionally charged music video, “Heartbroken Angel” serves as both a metal masterpiece and a poignant message about the consequences of suicide.

The song tells the story of a young woman who succumbs to her inner demons, ultimately setting herself free from pain through suicide. However, as it so often does, her tragic choice only intensifies the suffering of those left behind, who feel “lost and out of touch” with the world. As her life slips away, the song explores the idea that life, like wings, can be metaphorically clipped by the weight of depression, leaving survivors feeling immobilized in the aftermath of the tragedy. 

Suicide is a profound and universal issue with a devastating ripple effect, and Bridges Ablaze is using their music to address it head-on. “Heartbroken Angel” speaks about the crushing aftermath of suicide and how it profoundly affects the survivors. It sheds light on the unsettling concept of “cluster suicides,” where one tragic choice can lead to a chain reaction of others making the same decision. This single aims to bring awareness to this issue, serving as a visual commentary on the haunting cycle that can unfold from just one choice.

For all those who have experienced the past year with Bridges Ablaze, they have established themselves as not just another metal band; they are becoming a voice for those who struggle with a wide range of emotional and mental issues. “With ‘Heartbroken Angel,’ they are not only sharing a powerful musical narrative but also sending a clear message: we must take these issues far more seriously. The song and its accompanying video are a call to action, encouraging society to support those in need, to provide a lifeline for those who feel lost, and to break the cycle of despair.”

For more information on Bridges Ablaze and their latest single “Heartbroken Angel,” please visit their website.

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