MNERVA’s new single, “Detox” ft. davvn helps heal heartbreak

MNERVA’s new single, “Detox” ft. davvn helps heal heartbreak

It might be getting close to winter but Nashville’s alternative rock music scene is heating up with the latest single, “Detox,” a heartfelt collaboration between two talented musicians, MNERVA and alt pop duo davvn.. This emotional track is a cathartic journey through the tumultuous aftermath of a two-year relationship, as described by MNERVA: “I wrote ‘Detox’ right after ending a two-year relationship and realizing I had become addicted to my ex-girlfriend.”

MNERVA’s introspective lyrics serve as a poignant reminder of the emotional turmoil that follows the end of a deep and significant relationship. The theme of addiction to a past love is a relatable and universal experience, capturing the essence of heartbreak and the struggle to move on.

The song’s lyrics depict the conflicted emotions and dependency that often linger after a breakup. MNERVA openly admits, “I found myself incapable of moving on because we still talked all the time.” This emotional dependency and the difficulty of severing ties with an ex-lover is a theme that many listeners can relate to, making “Detox” an emotionally resonant track.

MNERVA’s encounter with davvn during the songwriting process added a unique dimension to the song’s creation. MNERVA mentioned, “I met the duo, davvn, during this co-write, and the song came together extremely quickly because my heart was still freshly broken and I had a lot to get off my chest.” The synergy between these musicians, fueled by shared emotions and creative energy, is evident in the song’s raw, passionate delivery.

“Davvn” brings a fresh and innovative dimension to the typical style of MNERVA. Their musical prowess and ability to connect with MNERVA’s emotional narrative make “Detox” a memorable experience for anyone who hears this song. 

 “Detox” is a collaboration that definitely stands out among the ever growing Nashville alternative rock scene. MNERVA’s personal journey of healing and self-discovery, combined with davvn’s musical expertise, results in a moving and authentic track that will surely resonate with a broad audience. With “Detox,” davvn and MNERVA have created a musical gem that deserves a special place in your playlist.

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