Bring Me The Horizon grapples with isolation in latest music video for single, “LosT”

Bring Me The Horizon grapples with isolation in latest music video for single, “LosT”

Bring Me The Horizon has just released their newest single, “LosT,” and upon hearing it, I was instantly reminded of their last single, “Strangers.” In the music video for “LosT,” Oliver Sykes appears to be grappling with feelings of isolation, which resonated with me.

The opening lyrics, “Watching Evangelion with a big fat slug of ketamine, I lost the plot a little while ago,” convey Oliver’s yearning for an escape from the metaphorical asylum he finds himself in. Bring Me The Horizon’s new material is a delightful fusion of pop and metal, and I find it incredibly appealing.

The music video is mind-blowing, with captivating lighting, stunning visual effects, and overall brilliance.

I can’t get enough of this song, and it gives me a glimpse of what we might expect from Post Human Survival Horror 2. I’m eagerly anticipating the band’s future endeavors.

For an immersive experience, I highly recommend turning up the volume and listening to this beautiful song through headphones. While “LosT” may not suit everyone’s taste, it is definitely worth a listen as it is fueled by catchy choruses, riveting guitar shreds and a masterful music video to accompany it.

One aspect I truly admire about Bring Me The Horizon is their fearlessness in experimenting with new styles. They consistently deliver songs that resonate with a wide audience.

In my opinion, “LosT” is a perfect ten out of ten. Perhaps my fandom for this band is clouding my judgment, but I couldn’t care less. Bring Me The Horizon delivers incredible live performances and I’m eagerly anticipating the opportunity to witness “LosT” performed live.

If you’re eager to see Bring Me The Horizon in action, make sure to catch them on tour with Fall Out Boy this summer. It’s bound to be an unforgettable experience.


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