Nick Headon’s Dub Kitchen drops multidimensional single, “Espresso Food” with Liv Linley

Nick Headon’s Dub Kitchen drops multidimensional single, “Espresso Food” with Liv Linley

Nick Headon’s Dub Kitchen is a musical gem in the UK’s music industry. As one of the brightest stars in the scene, he has the potential to achieve gold status on the ska-reggae charts. His latest  track, “Espresso Food,” produced and composed by Nick Headon himself, is a masterpiece that was released last month. It is a continuation of his debut EP, The Dub Return, which was heard worldwide upon its release in June 2022. The success of this artist is undeniable. Nick Headon’s Dub Kitchen has struck a chord in the reggae-ska-punk music scene in the UK and the States.

“Espresso Food” is a collaborative hit between Headon, an established multi-instrumentalist and renowned RudeSix vocalist, Liv Linley. When listening, one is exposed to a multidimensional piece that combines 1970s ska, dub, punk, and early hip-hop. The flow of the music can be felt, and it can be enjoyed by all listeners. All of the tracks created by the artist deliver high vibes that transcend into a psychedelic, Brit punk rock-ska vibe, reminiscent of legendary ska bands like The Specials and Captain Ska. If you are looking for abstract sound, this will satisfy your hunger for original music that will get you in the mood! Additional newly released singles and more tracks from The Dub Return EP, such as “Fearless Dub” and “Comeback,” provide re-energizing vibes that are purely hypnotic and alluring. It is no doubt that these tracks were the catapult for Nick Headon’s Dub Kitchen’s success.

The Dub Return EP has been gaining positive feedback from both fans and the music industry in general. It has been added to numerous playlists and has received airplay on BBC radio. Renowned producer Dubmatix said of the EP, “Heavy bass with hypnotic grooves make for a strong dub release – put the headphones on and kick back.”

After listening to “Espresso Food” five times, I realized it was necessary to absorb the different elements between the captivating sounds, melodic vocals and exposure of UK’s current political and social climate. This music and song specifically depicts the perfect dichotomy between soothing soundscapes paired with an almost disassociating message. The perfect recipe for dealing with the crazy rat race of life. So have a seat and enjoy this timeless piece.

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