Buddha Council ‘True Love’ album review

Buddha Council (BC) began to take form from the components of the Mid-Atlantic reggae scene in 2013. It all began with collaborations composed from multiple members of a vast multitude of backing bands and other artist groups. This co-creation of musical masterpieces gave birth to Buddha Council, who held steadfast to their own distinctive style and progressive reggae vibe.

Buddha Council isn’t just a band, it’s a collaborative project…

Then, not long after in 2014, Buddha Council released their debut self-titled album and quickly gained a local following. The immense support from fans propelled the bandmates of Buddha Council back into the recording studio for a follow up album Consider This which was released in 2015. Buddha Council isn’t just a band, it’s a collaborative project whose mission is “…to contribute to the music community at large by enhancing and encouraging the musical collaborative experience”. This ethos succeeded in bringing their vision of ‘Future Roots’ music to the local population and soon began sharing the stage with top shelf reggae and ska artists such as Steel Pulse, The Wailers, King Yellowman, John Brown’s Body and The Slackers.

Buddha Council continues to expand their abilities and grow as musicians all the while incorporating long forgotten reggae rhythms and classic reggae grooves. BC works to sing truth through their music and show the love for what they do… and they hope you can be a part of it too! On April 6th, Buddha Council released their newest album to fans everywhere, entitled True Love off Roots Musician Records. This vibey, rootsy 10-track album can get any reggae party started with upbeat songs spanning from the topic of kicking back to social equality. Don’t think Buddha Council forgot about their ska influences, either! Tracks like “Log On The Fire” are so hot, they can burn a hole in any skank pit. Be sure to check out what all the local Virginia Beach reggae lovers know about.

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Track listing:

  1. Against The Wall
  2. President
  3. Log On The Fire
  4. Baby Please
  5. Push
  6. Heartbreaker
  7. Burn Babylon
  8. What A Revolution
  9. Hold Me Tight
  10. Uptown

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