Christos DC ‘Self Evident’ album review

Christos DC ‘Self Evident’ album review

Rhythmic components and an intense, soulful sound emanate from the newly released 10-track album from American musician and producer Christos DC. Titled Self Evident, this album uses unparalleled beats and riffs throughout it to keep the listener engaged and attentive. This is the fifth studio release from this artist — two years in the making.

Active on the music scene since the 1990s, Christos DC has been creating reggae music for over 25 years, having been inspired by Bob Marley’s Survival album when he was 12 years old.

“… I try to find a theme that ties everything together.”

“This album was less about a particular theme than it was a means of introspection for me,” Christos DC explained. “The songs are quite philosophical in nature, but not so direct in the language. I want people to listen to the lyrics carefully to interpret the meaning.”

The progression of Self Evident feels very subtle, yet natural. The groove warms you up in “Maybe”, before transitioning into “Be Wise”. “What a Crime” really showcases some deeper vocal parts, emphasizing lyrics through the art of repetition and leaving more space amongst the phrasing. “Foot Catch” then comes full circle with its tight hooks.

“In creating a title for a body of work such as an album, I try to find a theme that ties everything together. Self Evident just seems to express this project appropriately. I also felt it important to tie the release with Martin Luther King Day.”

Self Evident is distributed by Zojak Worldwide and available for purchase and streaming on all major platforms online. To learn more on Christos DC, visit the links below!

Purchase and stream ‘Self Evident’ album:

Track listing:

  1. Silence
  2. What a Crime
  3. Better to Be Free (feat. The Skankin Monks)
  4. Maybe
  5. Be Wise (feat. Dedubros)
  6. I Reserve the Right (feat. Dada Yute & the Skankin Monks)
  7. Upward Looking Down
  8. Foot Catch Fire
  9. Self Evident
  10. In Peace

Christos DC “Self Evident” video:

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