Piper Street Sound releases ‘Small Plate’ EP

Piper Street Sound releases ‘Small Plate’ EP

How do you describe music which is exceedingly listenable, technically dramatic and just plain soul-level compatible? That would be the brand new EP Small Plate by Atlanta-based producer and musician Matt Mansfield (aka, Piper Street Sound). At face value, it is a humble album, going well beyond the confines of a typical release. With over 20 years of recording, performing and touring as bassist and live dub engineer, Mansfield’s experience shines through and sweeps you up throughout the six-track EP. The opening track, “Small Plate”, takes command from the start, with reverberating horns and a steady guitar rhythm layered in the background, all of which will have you sitting on the edge of your seat… especially, the alternate version of the track guest starring Addis Pablo — son of legendary reggae artist Augustus Pablo!

“I decided it was time to work on my own project.”

Piper Street Sound demonstrates his dexterity as a songwriter, switching up rhythms to make the two track versions more exciting and unpredictable. The songs remain alive to the final seconds. The instrumentals are well controlled, allowing the responsiveness to communicate with sincerity. Small Plate feels like a solid step forward for the songwriter and we are eager to see what Piper Street Sound comes up with next!

Stay tuned as this EP is just the first release in a series of original reggae songs from Piper Street Sound. Matt adds, “For 20 years, I have focused on writing, playing instruments, recording, mixing and label management for other bands and projects. I decided it was time to work on my own project. The inspiration is derived from classic Reggae and Dub from the 70s and early 80s (Augustus Pablo, King Tubby, Scientist, Lee Scratch Perry, etc.), but informed by my life experiences in the Atlanta and Athens music scene, no doubt taking some influence from the sounds I come across managing ZZK and AYA records.”

Purchase or stream ‘Small Plate’ EP:

Track listing:

  1. Small Plate
  2. Small Plate (Addis Pablo Version)
  3. Small Plate (John Arthur Brown Version)
  4. Rid Them
  5. Rid Them (John Arthur Brown Version)
  6. Rid Them (Pitufo’s Marimba Version)

Piper Street Sound “Small Plate, (Addis Pablo Version)”:

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