Common Kings ‘One Day’ EP review

Coming off their successful GRAMMY-nominated album, Lost In Paradise, Common Kings resurrects with a victorious EP One Day that features the likes of acclaimed reggae artists Stephen Marley, Matisyahu, ¡MAYDAY! and Kat Dahlia. This EP highlights the lightheartedness of Common Kings through their joyful reggae rhythms juxtaposed to the social commentary in their lyrics.

The mix of various reggae artists gives ‘One Day’ a flare like no other…

Band members JR King (vocals), Uncle Lui (bass), Mata (guitar) and Rome (drums) have created an album that combines elements of rock, reggae, pop and hip hop. The lead single and title track “One Day” is closer to a pop sound as it is filled with catchy vibes like, “One day, when I have a lot of money // Imma be the king again, sippin on that Jameson // Party, it don’t ever end // You gon’ wanna bring your friend.” This song perfectly captures Commons Kings’ SoCal vibes, as it speaks on an easygoing lifestyle representative of the band’s fun, loving personalities and the joys they have living life. This is one of the more mellow songs off the EP, along with the track “Today’s a New Day” featuring rap artists ¡MAYDAY!.

Their song “Lock Me Up” features reggae legend Stephen Marley, who helps tackle the struggle between doing what is right and what is lawful. Oftentimes, when we hear of those who are caught up in trouble, yet claim to have done it for the greater good, it tends to fall on deaf ears, but both Marley and Common Kings created a thoughtful song to voice those stories. Lyrically, the song touches on hot topics such as getting locked up, injustice and police: “Here they come, they coming looking for me // Wish I could sail away // They gonna lock me up and throw away the key // I ain’t gonna see my baby // Here they come, they coming looking for me // They know what I did today.” This is definitely a standout song as it not only has powerful lyrics, but also a dub rhythm with sounds of sirens and reverb.

Every album needs a feel-good love song and “Slow Down” is it! The song is filled with loving lyrics like “I need you right now… we don’t have to slow down”. The EP ends with “Champion”, featuring Kat Dahlia; this song does a great job blending elements of modern hip hop with classic reggae riddims. The chorus goes, “Cuz you are the champion // And, I know and I know and I know you’re one in a million // You’re the key to my kingdom // And, I know and I know your love is unbeaten // You’re my number one”.

The mix of various reggae artists gives One Day a flare like no other and is now available on all digital outlets. Common Kings are currently on tour with Rebelution and will continue to be so through the New Year. Catch them in action in a town near you! 

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Track listing:

  1. One Day
  2. Lock Me Up, feat. Stephen Marley
  3. Today’s a New Day, feat. ¡MAYDAY!
  4. Revolution (EDM Reggae Remix)
  5. Broken Crowns, feat. Matisyahu
  6. Slow Down
  7. Champion, feat. Kat Dahlia

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