Sammy Johnson shines in ‘Moonlight Lovers’ EP

Sammy Johnson‘s latest EP, Moonlight Lovers, is a tasteful blend of vibrant drums, twinkling guitar strums and soulful backdrop vocals that provide an overall essence of loveliness, enriched with Johnson’s own touching harmonies. Moonlight Lovers is an EP bound to make the heart flutter, head nod and hips sway throughout its entirety. Each track glides listeners naturally through its love stories, being relatable and sweet in truly genuine ways. The EP is a natural audio extension of romantic poetry, staying true to Sammy’s polynesian roots. All of the songs on Moonlight Lovers were played and produced by Polynesian artists and musicians, some notable feautures being the rich vocals of Tree Vaifale and full-bodied beats and verses of Kaylan Arnold & Adough.

The EP is a natural audio extension of romantic poetry, staying true to Sammy’s polynesian roots.

Sammy says, “This is by far my favourite body of work because from concept to finish, I was able to create exactly what I had dreamed of doing. During the process, I reconnected with people and my heritage and created new memories.” The first track, “Fools” opens listeners up to a smooth, beachy vibe. You can imagine yourself swininging in a hammock, living carefree as Sammy’s warm voice warns listeners about what it’s like to fall in love too quickly and rush the magic of love.

“Moonlight Lovers”, the EP’s title track, is a sensual duet with Tree Vaifale about falling in love. The two artists have an undeniable chemistry that is as organic and free-flowing as it is sweet – it’s exquisite! “I belong to the sea, boy // Tonight you belong to me, beautiful as can be // I think I’ve fallen for you,” croons Tree Vaifale, followed by the sultry Sammy, “Moonlight lovers, you and I // She waits for me every night // Moonlight lovers, you and I // Until the sun, the sun goes down again.” AWWW!!!

The EP runs fluidly through love and loss without feeling somber. In the tracks, “Missing the One You Love” and “Getting Over You”, certain hip-hoppy qualities gear listeners up for a positive outlook on how to deal with heartbreak. “Missing the One You Love” has serious hip-swinging melodies and staccato hip hop versus, a combination that delibrately elevates the mood of being heartbroken to say, no matter the hurt, you do get through it… or in Sammy’s words, “Sad songs are the best songs to sing when you’re missing the one you love.”

Sammy Johnson explains he has always felt a disconnect with his Polynesian side, “I looked more Polynesian, but that was the extent of my knowledge until one day, a friend of mine gave me an album that basically opened me up to a whole world of music and culture I never knew. The album was Gratitude by Fiji.” Using old Polynesian folklore from Sina and the Eel (Samoa), Pana of the Reef (Maori), Hinemoa & Tutanekai (Maori) and many others, Sammy tells similar stories through songs. Sammy says, “For me, the writing process is all about being in the right space and being open to whatever is speaking to my soul at that time.”

Sammy Johnson has released a near constant stream of spirited music since 2014 when his self-titled EP peaking at #3 on the Billboard Reggae Charts. His organic growth is a result of his hard work and dedication to his craft. In addition to enjoying touring, performing sold-out performances and large festival slots, Sammy works as a music therapist social worker and Moonlight Lovers will be his second EP of the year after the drop of critically-accalaimed EP Sleepwalker. His unique Polynesian influences collected together with his love for modern jazz and R&B artists, like D’Angelo, Amy Winehouse and Lauryn Hill, result in a passionate musical hybrid that is undeniably soothing. Fans can download the EP now on all the usual platforms and follow Sammy Johnson at for upcoming tour dates and future releases!

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Track listing:

  1. Fools
  2. Moonlight Lovers, feat. Tree Vaifale
  3. Missing the One You Love, feat. Fiji
  4. A Dozen Roses
  5. Getting Over You, feat. Kaylan Arnold & Adough

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