D-I-Y band, Bumpin Uglies refuse to use “Cheat Codes”

D-I-Y band, Bumpin Uglies refuse to use “Cheat Codes”

Bumpin Uglies’ latest single, “Cheat Codes,” emerges as a raw and unapologetic anthem, showcasing the band’s punk spirit and lead singer Brandon Hardesty’s rebellious lyrical prowess. Set to be the first track released on their upcoming album, the song encapsulates a sonic uprising against conformity, packaged in an exhilarating blend of a fuck you attitude and genuine lyrical introspection.

Hardesty eloquently paints a vivid picture of defiance as he declares his independence from the conventional norms of the music industry. The metaphorical reference to playing the game without cheat codes serves as an ingenious metaphor for navigating the challenges of the industry without shortcuts or compromises.

The lyrics are a clever verbal assault on mediocrity

with Hardesty spitting out verses that criticize those who compromise their artistic integrity for superficial success, emphasizing the importance of staying true to oneself. The scathing lines, “You do one-stop poorly, you bore me / Think a career change surely would be a better choice / ‘Cause you’re wack as an artist,” reveal a no-nonsense approach to creativity, a disdain for those who choose the easy route, and adds a touch of humor while driving home the message of independent artistic individuality. This message permeates throughout the entire song. “D-I-Y til I D-I-E / Hard work builds everything you see” reminds the listener of the “do it yourself” ethos that has been integral to Bumpin Uglies’ journey.

Hardesty’s vocal delivery is charged with intensity, capturing the frustration and passion that underpin the song. At the perfect times, Hardesty packs certain words with full throttle punches that pumps the listener up without even realizing it. The mention of being “pissed off with a harpoon” adds a visceral element to the narrative, emphasizing his determination to cut through the noise and make an impact on his terms.

The chorus is a rallying cry, with the repetition of the line “I’m the motherfuckin’ man” echoing the sentiment of defiance and self-assuredness. The defiance is not only directed at the industry but also at societal expectations, as Hardesty embraces his unconventional persona proudly. The use of the word “family” to describe his listeners instead of the more common “fans” exposes a deeper connection and shared values among those in Uglies Nation.

“Cheat Codes” is set to be the first released single off BU’s upcoming album, indicating a deliberate choice to introduce listeners to the band’s expansive sound and uncompromising attitude. The nod to Sublime with the line “play the guitar like a motherfucking riot” adds a layer of homage to the band’s punk-rock DIY roots, creating a bridge between past influences and present artistic expression. Hardesty once referred to “Cheat Codes” as an “artistic temper tantrum” and in a more subtle way, this becomes evident through the fiery guitar solo that supports the punctuation of the track.

This element of controlled chaos adds an exclamation point to the anarchistic nature of “Cheat Codes,” reinforcing the band’s commitment to their craft and their refusal to conform.

Hardesty, one of the greatest lyricists of our time, reminds listeners of his tenacity in “Cheat Codes.” Through a musical medium rich in metaphors, he vulnerably exposes truths, making the song relatable and real. Hardesty poetically allows the curtain to fall time and time again, ensuring fans are exposed to authenticity amidst the facades often constructed by the music industry. “Cheat Codes” by Bumpin Uglies is a sonic rebellion that refuses to play by the rules. It’s a middle-finger salute to mediocrity, a declaration of individuality, and a testament to an unwavering commitment to their artistic vision.

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