Ministry has an ax to grind in ‘HOPIUMFORTHEMASSES’

Ministry has an ax to grind in ‘HOPIUMFORTHEMASSES’
Photo cred: Derick Smith

With their latest album, HOPIUMFORTHEMASSES, Ministry delivers a crazy, twisted experience. One of the most successful musicians in history, Al Jourgensen, is back with an ax to grind in this recent masterpiece released via Nuclear Blast Records back on March 1st, marking the band’s sixteenth album! The multiplatinum act — having been nominated for six GRAMMY Awards — has never let us down before; every album has its own vibe.

‘HOPIUM…’ is their best work yet!

Jourgensen’s politically and socially-charged viewpoints are heavily vocalized throughout the album. This has always been his approach: he doesn’t give a damn about what other people think and sticks to his own convictions. “B.D.E.” opens the album, taking shape for the listener through nostalgia of the band’s old industrial metal sound, complete with samples and Jourgensen’s eerie, menacing voice. “Just Stop Oil” is denounces the oil industry as being the devil, while “Cult Of Suffering” is an echoing trip — another realm of Ministry. This is an industrial metal grinder merged with blues. Yes, that’s right, we are seeing Jourgensen in a whole new light. The entire album is intriguing and intense. 

Jourgensen expresses, “Just like you or anybody else, I’m simply a passenger in this lifetime. I’m watching social changes, political changes, and economic changes, and I comment on them because I do have a First Amendment right. A lot of people say artists and athletes should shut up and play ball. No, I’m on this trip, too. If I see something, I say something. That reflects on where each album goes. Instead of staying sedentary and singing about broken relationships, inner turmoil, or whatever is hurting this week, I comment on what’s going on from the perspective of a fellow passenger.”

Bold words from a band that never backs down.

Make sure to check out HOPIUMFORTHEMASSES via the links below and catch this next installment in action while the band is on tour with Gary Numan through April 4th or at Goldenvoice’s Cruel World Fest in Pasadena on May 11th.

Ministry – “New Religion” official video


Cover photo by Derick Smith

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