Dale and the ZDubs drops “Her Melody” collab with HIRIE

Dale and the ZDubs drops “Her Melody” collab with HIRIE

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: there are just some bands out there who you can genuinely tell enjoy every single second of everything they do. They are constantly smiling onstage and their energy becomes infectious; it just flows out into the audience and takes over the whole room. Dale and the ZDubs are absolutely one of those bands.

They are fun, energetic, relatable, and damn good at what they do. 

Raging out of Washington D.C., Dale and the ZDubs are back again and better than ever, hitting you with another feel-good, summertime reggae-rock-meets-pop banger that was released on May 12th called “Her Melody”, featuring the beautiful songstress HIRIE, who kicks ass at infusing into the song this awesome level of musical brilliance and understanding that shows off exactly how enchanting she can be.

The single meditates on the true essence of that dangerously beautiful honeymoon phase.

You know, the rose-colored beginnings of a new romantic relationship, encapsulated by the moments where you just can’t keep your damn hands off of each other. “Her Melody” featuring HIRIE captures that feeling in a fabulously soul-stirring way and can be quite impactful from the start all the way until the last note is sung. The song sends a shockwave through the reggae rock scene with explosive percussion, measured and timely strokes of the electric guitar, an enjoyable bridge breakdown that shakes the whole cocktail up a bit, and a vocal dynamic that traps you with a mellow composure, matched by an undeniable chemistry between lead singer Dale Rodman and HIRIE. The blending of the two vocals works perfectly, but also highlights them as individuals and reveals how talented they both are on their own. The vocals in this song are epic, I’m not going to lie. It fits unabashedly into a playlist of songs for a nice pool party or a day out on the Chesapeake Bay, easily making everyone dance the night away. 

This new work by the band celebrates Dale’s release from a three-year prison sentence for a non-violent drug crime and it’s definitely a comeback for the ages as he adorns the mesmerizing track with his smooth and powerful vocals. “Her Melody” is filled with relatable lyrics laid overtop precise instrumentation that plunges the song deep, deep into the depths of human connection in a beautiful way. 

DZD’s recent projects crack into an unmistakable reggae influence, interlinked with a hard-hitting rock style that tells raw, ridiculous, and vulnerable stories.

After a three-year hiatus though, Dale, Miles, Johan, Pat, and Julian are ready to unveil the work they explored during quarantine that put instrumentation and melody behind the lyrics Dale wrote on the inside during his prison sentence. Dale also reached out to old friends and hoped they would be a part of the comeback; the result is the current stream of saucy singles that include “This Time” featuring The Elovaters, “Pathological” featuring Bumpin Uglies, and of course, this latest single, “Her Melody” with HIRIE. 

High-energy live shows, multi-part vocal harmonies, thick guitar driven melodies, and deep, soulful rhythm sections drive Dale and the ZDubs forward, and the road ahead is nothing but a wide open highway. With singles like “Her Melody” feat. HIRIE hitting the virtual shelves, this band shows no signs of giving up on chasing that horizon. “Her Melody” featuring HIRIE is available for streaming everywhere now. 

Dale and the ZDubs – “Her Melody” feat. HIRIE

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