WORLD SINGLE PREMIERE: StoneTribe ft. Kat Hall, “One Love”

WORLD SINGLE PREMIERE: StoneTribe ft. Kat Hall, “One Love”

Eclectic musicians DandeLION and Natoven of StoneTribe are throwing genres to the wind and challenging music lovers to experience the blending of a multitude of styles. The masterful duo has found a way to seamlessly blend modern reggae, hip-hop, R&B, pop and surf rock into one refreshingly rich sound. 

StoneTribe is gearing up to release their first full-length album, Sync or Swim, this summer. Thankfully, the duo is giving us a sneak peek at their uplifting, mood-shifting, original sound by dropping the albums first single, “One Love” featuring Southern California’s fearless goddess, Kat Hall; exclusively available right here. However, the single will be out on all streaming platforms tomorrow, June 22nd. 

These three artists gift us with a distinctive sound that is unique only to them. This instant hit is no different.

“One Love” is a masterful song; full of depth, inspiration, and raw talent. 

As the song opens, your ears are greeted with a psychedelic guitar solo, paired with melodious harmonies, that pull the listener in with a hypnotic spiral illusion for the ears. It’s a unique introduction to a song that inspires and unites two different artists into one cohesive sound. 

StoneTribe starts off with creative wordplay, commenting on the absurdity of people’s desire to appear more than they are. It causes one to ponder how we can fall into the trap of wanting to prove ourselves and appear better than those who are different from us. “Drivin’ on an empty tank, flossin’ with my empty bank” is a witty nod to those ideas. 

Enter stage left, the phenomenal Kat Hall. Her sultry voice comes crashing in with a battle cry from another world. A cry for unity and togetherness despite living amongst a society that continues to try to isolate artists and even humanity as a whole. The vocal control Hall demonstrates in this anthem of a chorus is truly mind-blowing. The subtle vibrato she demonstrates at the end of each phrase shows her remarkable musicianship and adds color, depth and layered dimensions to the track. 

As the chorus rises and calls the listener to “meet us at the fire” we are encouraged to keep moving forward together. Kat’s melody is joined by the tight harmonies of StoneTribe. This further encourages the theme of unity as they all sing their own variations of the chorus. When the different notes come together, it creates a new and breathtaking sound, a sound that could not be captured by one artist but only when all three artists join forces to demonstrate the “one higher love”.

One of the most captivating lines in the song is when the queen, Kat Hall, declares,

“Music is the healer, it’s my weapon of choice. Freedom is expensive but it’s free to use my voice.”

In this partnership DandeLION, Natoven and Hall use their respective platforms to demonstrate, inspire and encourage fans to use their own gifts and talents to make the world a brighter place. “One Love” brings that message to life with fierce determination.

As the song comes to an end the music builds in intensity with the chorus repeating yet each time using different harmonies, electronic sounds, and vocal runs to further enhance the theme of using our individual voices to come together to create something truly breathtaking, unique and purposeful. “One Love” is an absolute delight and privilege to listen to. 

StoneTribe Links: Instagram | Facebook | Website | YouTube | Spotify

Kat Hall Links: Instagram | Facebook | Website | YouTube | Spotify

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