Dankrupt releases new track “All My Of Love”

Southern California’s own Dankrupt will be releasing their poignant new single entitled “All Of My Love” on Friday, August 24th, which will debut simultaneously with the track’s official music video. Dankrupt aims big here with this new release, juggling genres in ways that we’ve seen in the past.

Dankrupt aims big here with this new release…

Produced and recorded by Latin GRAMMY Award-winning producer Rudy Pagliuca, Dankrupt’s signature horns and soaring bass lines shimmer against this sultry track. While maintaining the broad strokes that establish their reggae, funk and hip hop style, the new track takes unique and compelling turns. Something more straightforward might have worked for some bands, but nobody wants to hear the same old riffs over and over again. Dankrupt makes sure their listeners stay focused by creating a complex journey through the band’s unique style and grace.

In the video shot and edited by Evan Croker, the band plays tribute and farewell to their longtime rehearsal space in West Los Angeles. Being that each member in the band lives in different parts of LA County, the rehearsal space is a sacred space where they bring the music and artistry to life. The video also features the multi-talented Veronica Badell as the main actress in the storyline, with scenes shot on Deez’s sail boat in Redondo Beach, CA.

Purchase or stream “All My Of Love” single:

Dankrupt “All My Of Love” official video:

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Release Date: August 24, 2018 • Label: Dankrupt Entertainment

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