Kings and Comrades ‘On My Way’ album review

After much anticipation, Philadelphia’s Kings and Comrades have just released their third full-length studio album on August 3rd titled On My Way. Led by guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Jeff McCaughey, the band has come a long way since they began over a decade ago. Starting with only two members, Kings and Comrades are now equipped as a full ensemble, including a horn section made up of Frank Rein and Rick Rein. The band played the 4th Annual California Roots Festival and has shared the stage with the likes of Tribal Seeds, Josh Heinrichs, Stick Figure, Fortunate Youth and more.

This whole album emulates a feel good, positive sound.

On My Way already has Kings and Comrades fans extremely excited and listening to the new record on repeat! The band specializes in smooth, positive lyrics and sweet melodies. In a 2015 interview with lead singer McCaughey, he talks about their latest album, “Love songs are a big part of our style. Growing up, I always gravitated to the Lovers Rock style of Alton Ellis, Dennis Brown, Carlton and The Shoes and so many more. Love is such a big part of my life and I think that really comes through in the songwriting. There are a few other recurring themes, such as self-acceptance and escape. Sometimes, we all just need to get away from society and appreciate the little things in life.” The band has definitely stayed true to these roots with On My Way; songs such as “When I’m With You”, “One in a Million” and “Love You Right” beautifully showcase this.

Similar to their last 2015 album, Get Away, the band worked closely with E.N Young on the production of this album and is now out via Young’s own Roots Musician Records. He produced all the tracks on the record, giving it a polished sound and even jumps on the song, “Ease Your Mind”! The song features that signature ‘E.N Young melodica’ sound and is about lighting a spliff and easing your mind with some good reggae music at the end of a long day. I can always appreciate a good horn section, so the first track off the album, “Life is Alright”, is one of my favorites. Jeff McCaughey has a one-of-a-kind voice that compliments each track very well. This whole album emulates a feel good, positive sound. Kings and Comrades have outdone themselves with this one! There’s so much to love, from the inspiring lyrics to the catchy guitar riffs, soulful horn sections and precise drum fills.

On My Way is currently available on all digital outlets, so go pick up a copy for yourself and let the good vibes of this record take over… you will not be disappointed!

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Track listing:

  1. Life Is Alright
  2. When I’m With You
  3. One in a Million
  4. Run Around in Circles (feat. Ryan Leimkuhler)
  5. On My Way
  6. Caught Up
  7. Love You Right
  8. Can’t Let Go
  9. Ease Your Mind (feat. E.N Young)
  10. Not Even Time (feat. Ryan Leimkuhler)
  11. So Right
  12. Smile

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