Dankrupt’s Dos Toros will grab you by the horns

Almost exactly one year ago, the Los Angeles County band Dankrupt released their debut EP titled Moonlight which had notes of Latin, funk, ska, hip hop as well as obvious hints from their influences Sublime, 311, Jack Johnson and Iration can all be heard distinctly. 

the band sways harder on the rock side of their influences

In their most recent single titled Dos Toros, the band sways harder on the rock side of their influences. The album maintains a masterful tension between upbeat emotional melodies and heartfelt lyrics reminiscent of The Expendables, Red Hot Chili Peppers and even Incubus. Opening track “Falling” showcases melodious bass, vocals and guitars that dive and soar as impressively as ever, while the next track “Playing Around” has everything dialed in and cranked up to 11. 

Dos Toros is a confident, strong release from Dankrupt, featuring some of the band’s most impressive productions wrapped around a timeless package.

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Track listing

  1. Falling
  2. Playing Around

Released March 14, 2016 • Copyright 2016 Dankrupt

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