Album premiere: Natty Nation ‘Divine Spark’

The brand new album titled Divine Spark from Wisconsin based Natty Nation is a merging of styles; blending golden-era rock with funky reggae grooves, soul elements, and heavy guitar riffs. Natty Nation has developed a sound that is an audio representation of their deep spirituality.

A match that sounds as good on the final product as it does on paper, Natty Nation brings the musical strength associated with their epic live performances in their latest album. The opening track, “Balance,” hits big with funky riffs setting a nice tone for the next eleven tracks. Rumbling bass, gritty drum and guitar rhythms continue on “Meditation,” which also offers colorful and vibrant melodica accents woven through background vocals. Creative wordsmithing and catchy melodies are also in full force here, as expected by this point from Natty Nation.

“This release is inspired by the physical and invisible forces of the divine within all mankind.”

Wailing guitar solos and smooth keys dominate the fourth track “Suffice”, which was actually released in 2010 as a single and was the first new track since the group’s highly acclaimed 2008 album, Reincarnation. Completing the album Divine Spark was a huge milestone for the band and is a result of six years in the making.

“This release is inspired by the physical and invisible forces of the divine within all mankind.  The divine spark is the higher self within everyone,” explains frontman JAH Boogie. “I’ve learned that through raising your vibration, and opening your chakras, you are able to tap into your divine spark. Our music is for the mental, spiritual and physical expansion of the human family. We are spiritual individuals who express our spirituality through the frequencies and tones of the music that we play.”

Errol Brown who worked with Bob Marley, Gregory Isaacs and Burning Spear mixed the album on his makeshift studio he built in the back of Rebelution’s tour bus. At the time of mixing Divine Spark, Errol was working the live sound for Rebelution. He came into the picture after Aaron Konkol attended a Rebelution show, and discovered he was the engineer behind the band’s pristine live sound.

Natty Nations have it down. Their produced work is clean, undeniably exciting and textured with the band’s eclectic influences ranging from Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Living Colour, Earth Wind and Fire, Fishbone, and Bad Brains. The tracks off Divine Spark are raw and unapologetic, emphasizing their passion for playing great music.

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Track listing

  1. Balance
  2. Meditation
  3. Intimidation
  4. Suffice
  5. Purpose
  6. Prophecy
  7. I’m Willing
  8. Civil Rights (feat. F.Stokes)
  9. Negus Negast
  10. Divine Spark
  11. 5th Dimension Dub
  12. She Cries Dub

Natty Nation “Meditation” official music video

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Release date March 11, 2016 • iNatty Records

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