Dilip x Otxhello drop ‘Late Year’ collaborative EP

Dilip x Otxhello drop ‘Late Year’ collaborative EP

A supremely special project for fans of hip hop and the beat scene that is definitely worthy of your time has graciously embraced us with its sonic presence! RIAA gold and platinum-selling hip hop producers Dilip and Otxhello have come together under the name Late Year to create a self-titled collaboration EP, released via Alpha Pup Records. The 21 and 23-year-olds have collaborated in the past, producing for artists like Lil Skies, Lil Tecca, Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy and many others. The pair has quickly acquired recognition as well, with three RIAA certifications, including platinum certification for their work with Lil Skies and gold certification for their work with Lil Tecca and Lil Pump. With Dilip’s sophisticated drum patterns and Otxhello’s smooth gospel and R&B melodies, Late Year encapsulates expansive electronic soundscapes, redefining what it means to be an essential artist and further proving that the producer is just as vital to a project!

The collision of these two young producers transports listeners to a distinct new world — galaxies away.

Late Year is sonically pushing boundaries with their new EP. The self-titled debut is the result of a longterm friendship between the two producers. Dilip (born Dilip Venkatesh) and Otxhello (born Othello Houston) draw from two very distinct cultures, cultivating a complex, diverse and extremely particular sound style within their creative works. 

Originally from the Bay Area, Dilip has a wide array of instrumental talent under his belt, knowing how to play such instruments as the tabla, mridangam, Indian flute and konnakol, while slowly experimenting with and infiltrating into a more electronic environment over time. This understanding of music is instantly recognized as the album begins with its first track “play!!-“. It exists with a vibe that is like an intro to a Disney movie, before gradually evolving into something very specifically not Disney.

You go from a night at the orchestra to a night at the club without even realizing you’ve left the theatre.

Massachusetts native Otxhello played the drums for his church, an audible influence within the layers of hip hop and jazz he incorporates into songs such as “make it count ﹢={}”. The creativity of the producers shines like no other on the EP’s sixth track “A-1 $⦁¥”. My girlfriend painted the scene in my head perfectly: it takes shape as if you were walking into an elevator, noticing the shitty nonsense music that is playing and deciding to pop in your headphones and do so as the song says “turn it up to escape this world and melt your way into a more cosmic dimension”. 

Bringing together a distinct project of ethereal sounds, Dilip and Otxhello are owning their own virtuosity — unconfined and undefined by any genre. ​The depth of sound this EP is able to achieve is truly masterful. It opens up the mind to so many different worlds. Just close your eyes, lay back, embrace the vibrations and let them take you where they will. You’ll enjoy the ride, trust me. 

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Track listing:

  1. play!!-
  2. sinking @@!
  3. a true story “*”
  4. freeze ^√ ~
  5. make it count +={}
  6. A-1 $•¥
  7. BE U ()

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Otxhello links: Instagram | Twitter

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