Dirty Heads are dominating with Midnight Control Sessions: Night 2 EP — OUT TODAY

Dirty Heads are dominating with Midnight Control Sessions: Night 2 EP — OUT TODAY

Dirty Heads are at it again! Giving us more love than ever on the newly released EP Midnight Control Sessions: Night 2. Undeniable gold platinum 100% badassery. Since DH’s 2008 highly acclaimed debut release of Any Port in a Storm, the band has continued to devour and dominate the music world with nonstop successful gold albums.

In case you missed it, Dirty Heads rocked the house in 2022 releasing the highly anticipated 8th studio album Midnight Control via Better Noise Music. The album featured 10 all-new tracks, including a take on Joe Walsh’s 1978 hit “Life’s Been Good” and “Heavy Water” feat. Common Kings. Midnight Control debuted in the Top 10 on many charts spanning a variety of genres. On top of that, the group racked up over 40 million streams since 2022, and over 4 million streams a monthly.

The three newly dropped tracks from Midnight Control Sessions: Night 2’ EP are gutsy, gauzy rhymes that will hook you in at the get go.

The EP kicks off with “Rescue Me”; a cool California anthem, rocking that rhyme. It truly has that west coast flavor that has us vibing all the way through. The next track “John Linen” featuring pro surfer and musician Ivuss including performance artist Alex Vince is super catchy, sexy as hell, brave and raw; it’s too damn good. My favorite is “Bright Side”, such a killer performance in conveying their message of positivity and “waving their own flag”. Dirty Heads are fearless and this is exactly what we need now. These guys continue to enthrall the listeners as they delve into their own signature sound and message of love and unity.

2023 is coming in hot for Dirty Heads’, thus far their most dynamic year yet with several new releases on the way and the announcement of their Island Glow Summer Tour featuring Lupe Fiasco, Yelawolf, G. Love & Specials Sauce, Tropidelic, Little Stranger and Bikini Trill, respectively.

Dirty Heads’ innovative music methodologies are bold, innovative, and driven by their positive intentions. With that, they have become one of the most influential music groups of our time. Their music is fun, exciting, but keeps you thinking. Their vibe is beautiful and you must experience this. The band’s success comes from staying true to their roots and following their own music path. There’s something to be said when the music comes straight from the heart, and that is what they do.

The sooner you listen; the sooner you’re enlightened.

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