Kyle Ahern encourages music lovers to “Look Back & Laugh”

Kyle Ahern encourages music lovers to “Look Back & Laugh”

Kyle Ahern, most known for touring as a guitarist with Rebelution, has dropped a solo single titled, “Look Back & Laugh”.

“Look Back & Laugh” is a powerful and emotional song that speaks to the human experience of overcoming adversity. The lyrics are a reminder that, no matter how tough things may seem in the moment, there is always hope for a better tomorrow.

The song’s opening lines set the tone with Ahern singing,

“Someday, we’ll look back on this and it’ll be better. Someway, somehow, we’ll push through.”

These words are a promise that the future has the potential to be brighter, even if life may seem bleak in the moment. 

Throughout the song, Ahern encourages us to keep moving forward, even when the journey is difficult. It reminds us to take a breath, to remember that we are all growing, and that we can use moments of despair as a tool to become stronger.

“Look Back & Laugh” is a message of hope and perseverance, underscored by Kyle’s unique melody that fans instantly recognize. Ahern has been blazing a trail as a self-made producer, master musician, and is lead guitar player in the band Rebelution. 

Kyle Ahern’s song is a beacon of hope for anyone who needs a reminder that the future is full of potential to be brighter than the present.

You can catch Kyle’s music live as he takes his solo efforts on a tour of New Jersey in the Spring of 2023. You can also find him on Rebelution’s Good Vibes Summer Tour 2023 as they hit the road across North America starting June 1st, 2023!

Artist Links: Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | Spotify | Apple Music

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