Dub Inc ‘Millions’ album review

Dub Inc ‘Millions’ album review

Internationally-recognized French reggae band Dub Inc has been energizing their massive shows for more than 20 years. Their music pulls from different styles, including dancehall, dub, ska and hip hop, sung in a mixture of French, English and Kabyle.

The band’s latest album, Millions, upkeeps their upbeat approach to their style of reggae, but with a slightly heavier sound than seen in their work before. Listeners familiar with their sound will notice this change right out of the gate with the album opener “On est ensemble”, embodying a deep, electronic tone. “Fake news” also features this electronic approach, making for a pretty fresh sound as far as Dub Inc is concerned.

…you’ll need to listen and listen and listen again. Each time you do, you’ll find something new to connect with.

This is the album that longtime fans have been waiting for. The album starts out heavy, hits melodically and deeply with “Dans ta ville” and gives us tons of clean vocals in the title track “Millions”, coming full circle by the end with “En nous”. There are no loose ends on this album. Dub Inc has covered such a wide range of sentiments, reactions and emotions, you’ll need to listen and listen and listen again. Each time you do, you’ll find something new to connect with.

With an epic mixture of progressive reggae melodies and hip hop vocals, Millions is the type of album that is bound to put you in an elevated state of mind, all while getting your feet and body moving.

Dub Inc will be making their first appearance at the upcoming Cali Roots Festival, featuring Damian Marley, Ice Cube and many, many more.

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Track listing:

  1. On est ensemble
  2. Couleur
  3. Dans ta ville
  4. À tort ou à raison
  5. À la fois
  6. Chaâbi
  7. Millions
  8. Authentique
  9. Nos armes
  10. My bro’ (feat Million Stylez)
  11. My dub
  12. Fake news
  13. Inès
  14. En nous

Dub Inc “On est ensemble” official video:

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