Etana ‘Dimensions’ album review

Etana ‘Dimensions’ album review

Jamaican-born singer Etana will be releasing her new EP as a follow-up to Reggae Forever, her 2018 album that earned a GRAMMY-nomination for ‘Best Reggae Album’, making her the first female artist to be nominated in the category since 1997. The new EP, entitled Dimensions, is set to drop this November and is a step forward in cementing her place in reggae music.

Taking cues from popular pop and country melodies, with undertones of hip hop, Etana’s expressiveness lends a spectral quality to the album’s silky, smooth roots reggae sound. According to Etana, “The EP has love songs, message songs and touches a little bit on marijuana. It’s called Dimensions for a reason, it’s a collection of moods. There are so many sides to me musically and I wanted to share some more.”

“It’s called ‘Dimensions’ for a reason, it’s a collection of moods.”

The album’s opening track, “One Draw”, begins with its beautiful, bantering cinematic intro thanks to stunning horns and Etana’s tremendous lyricism that focuses on the herb: “Let my mind elevate, recalibrate, rejuvenate. Yeah I feel it.“

Etana’s story begins in August Town: a treacherous, yet culturally rich garrison community in eastern Kingston, which has produced such musical talents as Sizzla and Israel Vibration. Growing up, Etana’s home was filled with music, but it was country western in which she recalls leaving the biggest impression. “Every Sunday was country music day,” says Etana. “A lot of people in Jamaica play gospel music on a Sunday or old rub-a-dub. In my house, it was country, like Dolly Parton. Tammy Wynette was my favorite of all the artists my mom used to play.”

Dimensions is a brilliant display of a what a proper reggae album should sound like, featuring a cameo from the “King of Dancehall” Beenie Man for good measure. The eight track EP is full of raw emotion and showcases both Etana’s technical prowess and songwriting artistry.

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Track listing:

  1. One Draw
  2. Rock My Body
  3. One More Time ft. Beenie Man
  4. Love Is Us
  5. Mended Love
  6. The One
  7. Stop It
  8. One More Time ft. Pressure Buss Pipe

Etana “Rock My Body” official video:

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