Dubbest ‘Light Flashes’ album review

The young and dynamic five-piece band Dubbest based out of Boston, Massachusetts has created a beautiful set of acoustic arrangements that utilizes a rootsy reggae soundscape, fiery songwriting and soulful vocals in their latest installment titled Light Flashes. Since recently entering the reggae scene, Dubbest has shared the stage with acts such as Shaggy, JBoog, Anuhea, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, John Brown’s Body, The Itals, Stick Figure, Kevin Kinsella, The Green, Badfish, and many others.

With a hot brass and funky keys intro, “Leaving” – the fourth song off the Dubbest new album just screams for attention. As the album progresses, so too does its sound. With exciting, moving, surprising and elegant melodies, Light Flashes is Dubbest at their visionary best.

“It is a powerful name to us, and it tends to catch one’s attention…”

The track “Spend The Day” featuring Elliot Martin of John Brown’s Body and produced by Dubfader exhibits a sophistication in both song writing and construction which is ordinarily absent from bands of this age.

Regarding the album title, guitarist Andrew MacKenzie adds, “It is a powerful name to us, and it tends to catch one’s attention, like an actual flashing light. It’s a great fit for this album. The name and the artwork together help bring out the album’s edge.”

The dozen-song set produced by Craig “Dubfader” Welsch of 10 Ft. Ganja Plant draws from a wide well of classic reggae traditions to create distinctively refined music that’s timeless rather than dated. As a whole, Light Flashes holds a wide range of sound and is very much a cohesive work and not bits and pieces of good ideas mashed up into a “Frankenstein” album.

Dubbest is currently on a west coast summer tour premiere to promote the new album and will feature dates in California as well as Colorado. Check the dates below for a city near you!

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Light Flashes track listing

  1. One Thing
  2. Spend the Day
  3. Weeping Heart
  4. Leaving
  5. Give In
  6. Iron Paw
  7. End of the Road
  8. Escape Route
  9. Shower You
  10. Cross Pollination
  11. By Design
  12. Leave in Dub

Dubbest “Spend the Day” music video

Released • July 7, 2015

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